Theta EdgeCloud’s progress to the latest AI Compute Infrastructure

In early 2022, Theta Labs CTO Jieyi Long and the engineering team began exploring AI, distributed systems, and machine learning applied to blockchain after inviting Peking University Professor of Computer Science Zhen Xiao as an academic advisor. 

Jieyi published a groundbreaking research paper entitled “Large Language Model Guided Tree-of-Thought (ToT)” in May 2023. The Tree-of-Thought was inspired by the manner in which the human mind approaches complex reasoning problems. The notion has gained significant traction within the LLM community, and The Tree of Thought has the potential to significantly enhance problem-solving capabilities. 

Tree of Thought is the imaginative offspring of the renowned decentralized streaming platform Theta, which has been hailed as the forerunners of the most extensive decentralized artificial intelligence compute infrastructure in a hybrid cloud environment. Its most intriguing characteristic is that Theta EdgeCloud can support next-generation LLMs and other AI systems, including LLM-powered autonomous agents.

The ToT-enhanced LLM can be operated within EdgeCloud, extending Theta EdgeCloud’s functionality to enable AI systems. Theta EdgeCloud has evolved as a decentralized data marketplace for training AI models. In this cutting-edge system, everything is organized by a blockchain-based marketplace, while a specific processing node known as an aggregator handles tasks such as analyzing contributions, screening out bad data, and adjusting model settings.

On May 1, EdgeCloud released its initial release with innovative features including the AI job scheduler. Sharing research and exposing core AI building blocks with the tech community made Theta a thought leader in AI. Advanced decentralized software platforms like Theta EdgeCloud herald a new age of artificial intelligence computing. EdgeCloud’s team is committed to offering researchers, developers, and corporations unlimited GPU processing power for any artificial intelligence or video task.

Cost-effectiveness is another benefit of Theta EdgeCloud, which combines cloud computing with decentralization. For many years, the foundation sustaining EdgeCloud’s AI computing infrastructure was in its infancy. Theta’s global network has one of the world’s largest GPU computing clusters with 10000 active edge nodes. They patented a ‘Edge Computing Platform Supported by Smart Contract enabled blockchain network.’ Theta EdgeCloud’s success proves its commitment to building technologies to meet customer and market needs.

Theta has successfully collaborated with professionals in natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning. According to media reports, Theta will revolutionize AI computing by utilizing decentralized CPU power. It will revolutionize AI computing by granting unparalleled access to decentralized GPU resources.

Theta EdgeCloud is poised to reinvent the edge computing discipline, combining the smart qualities of cloud computing with decentralization. It represents the culmination of years of development and substantial refinement over time. Theta network’s initial focus was on GPU-intensive video processing jobs, and it represents a significant advancement in decentralized GPU processing. Theta EdgeCloud has inspired Blockchain-based artificial intelligence solutions, and they are known for collaborating with AI-focused businesses such as Latvia AI, FEdML, and Google Cloud.

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