Theta EdgeStore deliverance takes place in the alpha category

Theta Labs happens to be extremely pleased and takes great pride in the deliverance of their Theta Edgestore in the alpha category. This comes right after the previous deliverance of their EdgeStore demo, followed by the Theta Video API Edge Ingestors. Incidentally, this alpha category deliverance also happens to be an absolutely integral part of their game plan for the year 2023.

In the present scenario, the Theta Edge Nodes happen to back the decentralized streaming, together with the encoding or transcoding. However, with the introduction of decentralized storage, the Edge Node will happen to be providing a full end-to-end service in terms of video streaming. Also, this will be in the case of different sorts of file transfer and streaming. 

In the case of the EdgeStore library, it executes a one-of-its-kind approach going by the name of flexible sharding. It is possible to understand this as an apparent continuation of the Chord protocol required for the disbursement of hash tables (DHT). The function of the EdgeStore node is to preserve the permanent data shards allocated to it and also stockpile the prime contents locally. In this case scenario, along with the offering stockpiling functions, the network also happens to play the role of a decentralized content delivery network (dCDN) in the case of just about any sort of file. 

It is possible to create an entire variety of decentralized applications on top of the Theta EdgeStore. This includes the permanent stockpiling of the digital assets of NFTs. The storage of training data sets in the case of algorithms can also be carried out. Data availability service for layer 2 upgradation solutions like rollups can also be made.

dCDN can be made for videos, music game patches, and others. There is also the possibility of stockpiling, in terms of the backend, for the purpose of generalized Web3 dApps. Also made possible is the stockpiling of Metaverse digital assets. 


The retrieving and uploading of files from Theta Edge Nodes can be carried out. In the midst of the testing period, storage is helped by a team of Theta Edge Nodes, which is presently carried out by Theta Labs in cloud cases. 

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