Theta Guardian Node v3.0.2’s Release Enables Mainnet 3.0

In a recent announcement, Theta Labs declared the launch of Guardian Node for Theta v3.0. The new version shall go through a hard fork at a block height of 10968061 for activating the features of Theta 3.0. It is now mandatory for the registered users to remain in sync after the hard fork height. The app version of Guardian Node can upgrade itself on its own. To execute Theta at the command line of Ubuntu, the users must download and install the latest binary code.

Theta Labs is the company that powers one of the most innovative networks of blockchain technology for seamless video streaming. The decentralized platform of Theta Labs helps users share computational resources and bandwidth on a P2P basis. The Theta Network allows the users to use its native cryptocurrency token called the THETA. The token acts as a node of enterprise validation for various technological giants like Samsung, Sony Europe, Gumi, Blockchain ventures, Binance, and Google. At present, the price of the THETA token is $6.91, and it is expected that the market price shall increase within the next few days as per THETA price prediction.

The launch of the Guardian Node shall introduce Uptime Mining and TFuel Staking for the registered users of the Theta Network. The protocol of the Theta Mainnet release is especially useful for users. The Elite version of the Edge Node is enabled to burn through at least 25% of the TFUEL payment to the Theta Network. The new version nodes also burn through the fees of smart contract execution and network transaction.


Theta Labs is also making the necessary preparations to update Theta Wallet and Theta Edge Node. These upgrades shall make the Blockchain network of Theta Labs more protective against malicious hackers by enabling the Blockchain to become more robust over time.

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