Theta Labs’ Web3 DRM boosts exclusive pet videos

In an unprecedented partnership, two industry titans are uniting to revolutionize the delivery of content. Two well-known companies, The Pet Collective and Theta Labs, have joined forces to enhance the online experience of their five million consumers with exclusive content. This activity demonstrates the possibility of gaining access to distinct user experiences and serves as a model for updated digital media production and Web3 DRM technology.

The popular Pet Collective website, which features funny pet-starring films, has added Web3 technology. This revolutionary offering offers a vast choice of unique video content. This solution uses Theta Labs’ Web3 DRM technology and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to play high-quality videos.

The collaboration makes great and hard-to-reach content more accessible and engaging. For instance, the integration of Theta’s Web3 DRM technology into The Pet Collective’s website. The NFT Unlock Page on Pet Collective makes it easy and affordable to get this vital feature.

Instead of automatic segmentation, the user must manually pick and add appropriate cells to the dataset. With that new way, original content authors can set on-chain permission for their works to control who uses them and how.

The merger of Theta and TMB has redefined the way in which customers can view content while increasing the viewing time of Pet Collective’s user base. According to Jacob Salamon, VP of business development at TMB, the direct integration of Theta’s new technology into our systems was simple. This enables us to offer our subscribers a superior, more appealing product with exclusive content.

Theta Labs co-founder and CEO Mitch Liu is also excited about the agreement and expects The Pet Collective’s site and applications to use the Theta Digital Rights Management (DRM) solution. This platform feature gives fans flexibility and intriguing fan-creator interactions. He is enthused about how this alliance can revolutionize content interface techniques and engage millions of users. 

The deal with Theta Labs and The Pet Collective illustrates the company’s unyielding dedication to driving user-focused advancements in producing, distributing, and consuming content. That shows how versatile the Theta infrastructure is in bringing together content creators and audiences, especially in the always-evolving media industry.

The Pet Collective, which has amassed over 5 million subscribers, has cultivated an avid fan base keen to delve into this exciting fusion of flavors. With Theta’s Web3 DRM technology, users will be able to find content that was specifically made for them to enjoy, enhancing their overall online viewing experience when they are on the platform.


The Pet Collective and Theta Labs’ partnership shows the digital content creation ecosystem can innovate in a new field. This endeavor is redefining the Web 3.0 and Internet experience, including blockchain and DRM technology. This type of project creates a consumer-driven, dynamic, and responsive online environment that adapts to the current cyber world.

Scott Cook

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