Theta Network shares its roadmap for 2024

Theta Network has sparked excitement in its native community. It has laid down the roadmap for 2024, with Edge Cloud at its center. The hybrid cloud computing platform has taken inspiration from the collaboration between the Network and Google, bringing out the best of Cloud and Edge architecture.

The roadmap has been drawn in two parts: H1 and H2. H1-2024 covers the first release of EdgeCloud with four crucial developments. Hosting nodes that are managed by Theta, introducing the Elite+ Booster feature for EEN, hosting popular models including, but not limited to, gen-AI and language, and enabling virtual management coupled with an operations dashboard.

Theta Video API enhancements have made it to the first half of the year on the roadmap. Dashboards are being enhanced with the availability of advanced metrics, while live streams are expected to be backed by self-serve studio-level NFT DRM support. Theta Hackathon, with a core focus on EdgeCloud, DePIN, and Metachain, will make its way.

An expansion by supporting new projects in the ecosystem has been articulated in the roadmap by Theta Network. It will extend to subchains and TNT20 staking. H2-2024 will bring the second release of EdgeCloud.

It will enable partners to set up and run hosted nodes. These will be relevant in their own data centers and clouds, with application tricks probably spreading across the ecosystem. Crucial details about jobs would be made available, or rather are expected to be made available, and enable storage for compute jobs, with storage being temporal and persistent in nature.

Theta Web3 Theater is likely to be integrated into partner platforms along with ThetaDrop. Similarly, Theta Network will extend TDROP use cases to the marketplaces of its partners.

The announcement has worked for THETA, the native token of the network. It is up by 0.45% in the last 24 hours and is currently listed at $1.01. It further marks an increase of 4.62% in the last 24 hours. The market cap is more or less stagnant, with a rise of 0.06%, but the 24-hour volume is up by 93.27%.

That said, Theta Network has hinted that it has plans for 2025 as well. This does not really come as a surprise, but Theta Network has said that it will come up with the third release of EdgeCloud in the next year. Not a lot of details have been made public. Based on the information in the official blog, it can be concluded that Theta Network will introduce a jobs and payload marketplace, along with a developer API interface and optimization of job supply and demand.

New applications will continue to be of interest to Theta Network. EdgeCloud will remain at the center throughout the development phase; however, evolutions can be expected to happen.

Theta Network has said that the roadmap is always evolving and will be updated in time based on how products and use cases are being rolled out. Also, it will consider how the community is reacting to developments.

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