Thetan Arena Announces Freebies in Partnership With Coinbase Wallet

Thetan Arena published a blog post to announce that it would be conducting the distribution of free gifts in association with Coinbase Wallet. The distribution will start on July 18, 2022, and end on July 31, 2022, depending on the wallet status of the participant.

Free gifts are being distributed as a part of the Coinbase Loot campaign that Thetana Arena is organizing in partnership with Coinbase Wallet. Users can claim their gifts in either of the two forms:-

  • non-fungible token heroes; and
  • other items at zero cost.

An eligibility criterion is that participants must have linked their Coinbase Wallet to the Thetan Arena Marketplace. Depending on when the account is created, and the wallet is linked, the loot available will differ for all the users.

Users who created the account before July 13, 2022, will be eligible to claim the loot from July 13, 2022, whereas users who create the account on or after July 13, 2022, will be eligible to claim the loot from July 25, 2022.

Loots are limited in supply. Users who quickly act on their instincts have a better chance of getting their hands on a gift item. The loot has a maximum value of $30. Preparation Guides are separate for users with a Metamask Wallet and users without a wallet.

The points below clearly highlight the differences between the two:-

  1. Users With a Metamask Wallet Can:
  • Install Thetan Arena, which is available for iOS, Android, and PC. Click Register to initiate the account creation process.
  • Import Coinbase Wallet by downloading/installing the extension. Open Metamask Wallet to complete the import of Coinbase Wallet.
  • Connect Coinbase Wallet to the user account by visiting the Thean Arena Marketplace.
  • Get the native token – BNB – from the marketplace.
  • Send the token to Coinbase Wallet.

2. Users Without a Crypto Wallet Can:-

  • Install Thetan Arena, which is available on iOS, Android, and PC. Click Register to initiate the account creation process.
  • Create a Coinbase Wallet by visiting the official website of Coinbase. Users will be required to download and install the wallet extension.
  • Proceed by connecting the Wallet to the user account of the Thetan Arena Marketplace.
  • Buy BNB from the marketplace.
  • Conclude the process by sending BNB to Coinbase Wallet.

The five steps mentioned above are different only in wallet creation, and other steps are nearly the same.

A faster action has better chances of fetching a free gift, and it is also a great opportunity to explore Thetan Arena in detail. Many events happen regularly, including Hero Trading, Fusion, and Thetan Tournament.

Plus, more benefits are likely to become visible in the journey of exploring space. Users will instantly become eligible for a free gift after connecting Thetan Arena Marketplace with a Coinbase Wallet.

Follow the steps mentioned above, and everything will be done smoothly.

Roxanne Williams

Roxanne Williams has recently joined as a market reporter for CryptoNewsZ - the 24/7 crypto news site, where she produces recent stories, technical analysis and price updates on world's leading cryptocurrencies.

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