Thirdweb & Paper join hands to power the next gen of internet

Thirdweb has announced its partnership with Paper, highlighting that they will not collectively aim to boost the adoption of Web3. What backs their partnership is the fact that they have mutual interests, goals, and values when it comes to the next-generation internet. Partnering with Paper gives Thirdweb access to its capabilities of Web3 wallet and checkout solutions.

Both are not exactly unique, but they do carry a much-needed offering for the ecosystem. For starters, Web3 Wallet by Paper makes it easier for users to create a digital wallet for the assets using an email id or a phone number. It is as easy as it sounds, thereby accelerating the onboarding process when it comes to having those who are not aware of the tech know-how.

Next comes the checkout service. In the world of Web3, a lot depends on how convenient it is for users to get their assets from the platform. In other words, a platform must make it easier for users to have digital assets. Having a sound checkout service gives users an option to leverage not just their crypto holdings but also their fiat holdings. With Paper and Thirdweb being on the same page, users can be assured that they will be able to use cryptocurrencies and credit cards at the time of acquiring a digital asset.

Needless to say, more than one digital asset can be bought through this partnership. Both have been defined as best-in-class products. The same has been acknowledged by Thirdweb in its announcement. The community has expressed their satisfaction with the development, with some saying that the move is pretty great and others expressing their excitement over the partnership.

Paper is an ideal partner for Thirdweb at the moment since it has achieved a lot in the last 18 months. The network has processed transactions worth $10 million and has boarded over 500k users to the Web3 sphere. Also, Paper has worked with several Fortune 500 companies like Unilever and Balmain Paris.

James Sun has the most neutral opinion on the partnership. He is currently chairing the position of Vice President of Product at Thirdweb and was previously the Chief Executive Officer of Paper. James believes that Paper was built to make Web3 more accessible to people under the assumption that ownership is possible only if decentralized technologies are adopted. James added that the fastest way to do this was by joining hands with Thirdweb.

He has highlighted that the partnership will lower the time and cost of development. Web3 applications often require companies to enroll 7-8 different providers to assemble the different pieces of blockchain infrastructure. Now that all the tools are available in one place, developers need not go looking for them. Instead, a seamless development process is now a reality.

Thirdweb and Paper will collectively work as trusted partners throughout the security and compliance process. Thirdweb will abstract the backend complexity, and Paper will abstract the frontend complexities.

Scott Cook

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