Thirdweb launches gaming division with Web3

thirdweb is in the process of delivering its very own gaming division within itself, making it more convenient for game developers to create blockchain games. This is to pursue their plans of increasing their effort in the gaming industry. 

As has been observed, gaming is constantly reaching new heights and opening the doors for generating revenue. Regarding game developers, they seem more inclined towards Web3, considering factors such as speed, low cost, and overall convenience in their game-building activities. 

In this case, the blockchain acts as the platform for building instead of the backend systems of the past. The Layer 2 networks are also playing a positive part in this matter. The introduction of the Cancun upgrade coming to Ethereum will help bring down costs substantially. Creating on the blockchain also helps in cutting down on the time factor. 

thirdweb was instrumental in introducing its gaming kit to boost developers in building the best of Web3 games. Following that, they created the Unity SDK, boosting an almost endless number of on-chain games. They have utilized the gaming kit and created Web3 games for themselves. The highlighting factor, however, remains that they are in the process of delivering their gaming division, for which they have taken on board Atif Khan in the role of the Vice President of Gaming. 

They are in the process of creating a powerful Web3 gaming SDK with features such as cross-platform backing. Then there will be an uninterrupted wallet exposure. The Web3 UI parts come next. Then there is the mobile wallet building. 

There will also be facilities for storage backing. Smart contracts will be in place for the sake of any use case. Lastly, there will be the factor of in-built monetization. All of the tools will be modular. The gaming kit has come into use for plenty of Web3 games. 

To prove the power of their gaming kit, they utilized it for one of their creations, the Web3 Warriors. For this game, they used the blockchain. It contained features such as an in-game currency for buying and selling products. Then there are the digital products that are owned by players on-chain. There is also automated wallet generation for players. 

To cap it all, it comes without transaction fees and popups. According to their new Vice President of Gaming, Atif Khan, they are creating an all-inclusive arena for the convenience of game developers.

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