This AI token fuels AI crypto hype while shattering records on its 600% rally

Artificial intelligence (AI) is leading the race among emerging technologies. The impact of this cutting-edge technology is so widespread that it is blending with every other existing industry and bringing unseen transformations. The crypto industry saw such rampant popularity before AI. AI crypto is carrying out the legacy, becoming the trendiest narrative across the industry. Many AI tokens are leading the rally; some are top gainers.

Amid the noise of AI crypto, GameGPT is making its distinctive place among other projects due to its unique propositions and offerings. The AI-driven game development protocol aspires to make a paradigm shift in the gaming industry. Since its inception in 2020, GameGPT has been at the vanguard of integrating artificial intelligence with game development. 

The platform fundamentally changes the gaming landscape by implementing its $DUEL token across over 10,000 games, optimizing everything from game programming to economic models. $DUEL facilitates various functionalities, including community voting, in-game features, and marketplace transactions, underscoring its essential role within GameGPT’s thriving ecosystem.

The AI-driven strategies of GameGPT considerably shorten the game development cycle and empower a creator program that democratizes game creation. This initiative encourages community involvement and fosters a dynamic and inclusive gaming environment, propelling GameGPT to the forefront of blockchain gaming innovation.

In an exciting development, GameGPT recently unveiled its strategic partnership with Hydro Protocol, a leader in liquidity solutions and automated market-making on the Injective network. This collaboration signals a significant advancement in uniting blockchain technology with cutting-edge gaming innovations, bringing diverse communities together under a shared vision of transformative progress.

GameGPT adds to the celebration by announcing an exclusive airdrop of $DUEL tokens targeted at the Hydro Protocol community. This initiative is designed to commemorate this collaboration and enhance engagement within the GameGPT ecosystem through unique, partnership-themed quests. Each quest allows participants to accumulate $DUEL tokens, and fresh partnerships and activities are introduced regularly to enrich the community experience.

The partnership with Injective adds up the long list of supporters. To date, GameGPT’s momentum is amplified by substantial support from industry leaders such as Animoca Brands, CoinFund, and Polygon and through partnerships with globally recognized gaming titles like League of Legends and DOTA 2. 

The platform’s founding team brings a wealth of experience from prestigious firms such as Google and Epic Games, contributing to GameGPT’s robust and innovative approach to gaming.

Integrating AI and blockchain through the $DUEL token positions GameGPT as a trailblazer in the future gaming landscape. With a solid user base of over 75,000 registered members and continuous support from the gaming community, GameGPT is set to redefine the boundaries of blockchain gaming. The increasing valuation of the $DUEL token highlights the project’s significant impact and promising future.

DUEL Token Price Chart

The $DUEL token’s price performance has been nothing short of extraordinary, especially in the past few weeks. The token has gone from $0.0046 to $0.032, making a yearly high of 600% within two months. However, the token is witnessing a short-term downtrend, currently trading at $0.020 after sliding from the recently attained high. 

With the RSI at 63, the $DUEL price shows a bullish signal. The token price should take support at the current price of $0.020, and the next hurdle will be $0.032. With current sentiments around AI crypto and anticipation of a bull run, the $DUEL token price target should be $0.05 for the short term and hit $0.1 in the coming months. 

GameGPT holds all the cards in favor with solid fundamentals, a doxxed team, an active community, impressive $DUEL price performance, and much more. AI crypto is beating every other sector in the crypto market, and $DUEL is among the leading tokens within the industry. The AI crypto narrative will accumulate more traction, and GameGPT will play a major role in giving it a push. 

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