This coin’s market dominance challenges Litecoin and Cardano

Litecoin (LTC) and Cardano (ADA) are among the most wanted coins in the crypto world. Or so they were?

Since VC Spectra (SPCT) appeared on the market, it has stirred things and posed a significant threat even to well-established coins. But what makes this project so special? Is it because it has raised $2.4 million in a presale or something else? Stay with us and find out!

Litecoin (LTC) is in front of a halving event

The price movement of Litecoin in the previous month was quite bearish. In one month, LTC declined by 14.42% because it launched Litecoin Space. More precisely, this made Litecoin attractive and put more pressure on the tokens.

But Litecoin (LTC) was on an upward trajectory a few days ago. Litecoin announced a halving event, and everyone rushed to purchase its tokens while their price was still around the same resistance level. Overall, Litecoin recorded an increase of 2.65% over the previous five days.

Unfortunately, Litecoin was down temporarily because of the increased pressure of the upcoming event and the drop in Bitcoin and Ethereum prices. However, it seems that the coin recovered quickly.

At the moment of writing, Litecoin (LTC) is up by 1.02% and costs $93. On top of that, its trading volume also increased by 13.43%. Although its volume grows, the fuss about the halving event is now significantly slower, allowing Litecoin to stay bullish.

Due to this, crypto experts are optimistic and claim that if the coin continues at this pace, it will have a positive price movement in the near future.

Cardano (ADA) fails to keep its price up

Cardano was quite bearish, as the SEC claimed the coin is a security. Due to this, even one of the most popular trading platforms, Robinhood, delisted Cardano because it wasn’t sure about its future.

Despite this, Cardano (ADA) showed green signs over the previous month. In other words, this happened because Cardano developed Hydra Head, which is a scaling tool for improving the crypto journey of investors. More precisely, Cardano increased by 2.88% over the previous month.

But Cardano is back with bears. Cardano is currently down by 2.37%; you can purchase it for $0.3046. Also, its trading volume exploded by 33.19%. The main reason for the increased coin pressure is that Cardano announced it is opening the registrations for the 2023 summit community-led events.

According to experts, Cardano (ADA) will return bullish and stay upward for a while because the summit will expand its community.


VC Spectra (SPCT) leaves other cryptocurrencies in the dust

VC Spectra is a unique decentralized hedge fund that runs on trustless and transparent blockchain infrastructure. By engaging in this project, you can benefit from dividends, buybacks from investment profits, peer-to-peer trading, and asset management without intermediaries.

Moreover, you will get exclusive access to best crypto ICOs and enjoy full voting rights. On top of that, VC Spectra (SPCT) provides the best investment projects that come with minimum risks. This is because VC Spectra employs risk management principles, such as algorithmic and systematic trading strategies, to evaluate multiple projects.

For an even better experience, VC Spectra has native SPCT tokens. Even before its public presale, VC Spectra sold 125 million during a private seed sale and raised $2.4 million in only two weeks. More so, VC Spectra (SPCT) tokens allow you to engage in exchanging, paying transaction fees, managing your assets, and decentralized trading.

SPCT tokens are standard BRC-20 ones that follow a deflationary model. They also include a burn mechanism that reduces their circulation over time. However, SPCT tokens recently entered Stage 2 of the public presale.

Therefore, SPCT tokens’ price jumped by 37.5%, and you can currently get them for $0.011. but that’s not all! Experts predict another 627% surge by the end of the presale phase, which you can only experience if you buy an SPCT token now.

After selling additional 125 million VC Spectra (SPCT) tokens, they’ll reach Stage 3. Then, they will jump by 127.7% and cost $0.025. This will mark a 212.5% overall growth from the initial price of $0.008. To sum up, once SPCT tokens enter the most popular crypto exchanges, they will be worth $0.08.

Therefore, we recommend joining VC Spectra now and taking advantage of its benefits while SPCT tokens are still available!

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