This token allows you to tap into the profits made by trading fees on crypto exchanges: Explore VFIN

The announcement of the VFIN exchange has caused quite a hype in the crypto community, and many investors and trading experts are watching the project closely. One of the reasons for this hype is the fact that VFIN is a unique exchange that offers several features and functionalities rarely found at other exchanges under one roof. The platform offers options like gamification, awards, financing services and more. One of the biggest features, however, is the fact that investors who hold the VFIN Token get a percentage of all fees and subscriptions the platform generates. 

What is the VFIN exchange?

VFIN is a new exchange that is currently in the early planning and development phase and as of now, is preparing to start its STO, as a fundraiser to begin the actual development. VFIN was planned to solve several issues found with current crypto exchanges. These are mainly high fees, low degree of security and lack of reserves to ensure liquidity. 

The platform employs various features for user retention and interactions, such as gamification, awards, newsfeeds and more. This is also known as social trading and has been successfully deployed by other traditional platforms, such as eToro. One of the most significant differences and advantages is the option for token holders to receive a 30% share of the entire platform revenue made from fees and subscriptions, split among token holders based on their share. This means that anybody who is holding VFIN Tokens, will benefit from every transaction and every sale made on the platform. 

Tap into the profit made by trading fees on crypto exchanges with VFIN

If you invest in the VFIN Token, you will be eligible for a share of profit, benefiting from all transaction and subscription fees charged on the platform. The percentage an investor gets is fixed at 30%, but the total revenue depends on the number of tokens they hold. Thus, the VFIN exchange is a great way to generate passive income. In addition, the exchange will provide periodic cashback to all traders, the amount of which depends on the overall money spent on trading fees. Dividends will be paid out annually to the token holders, and the amount depends entirely on the number of tokens held. 

Security and transparency

One area where the VFIN exchange is taking the lead is security and transparency. The exchange is going to be audited regularly by external, independent parties. This step is necessary to ensure the complete independence of the audits and their trustworthiness. The audits will take place regularly and the results will be made available to the public.

In addition, the VFIN exchange only stores a small amount of users’ funds online. Instead, cold storage is employed to safely store any funds offline, thus minimizing the risk of losing them due to hardware failures, hacker attacks or for other reasons.

Multilayered private keys are another layer of security, employed by VFIN. These make sure that the private keys are extra secure and, as such, minimize the risk of them getting compromised.

Last but not least, the exchange is dedicated towards acquiring various insurance services, which will further minimize the damage in case of any event endangering the integrity of the investors’ funds. These services will take into account the additional security layers on the exchange, allowing VFIN to get better prices of the insurance companies’ premiums.

Summary and conclusion

The VFIN Exchange is a new hit on the market and there is quite a hype surrounding the project. The platform offers numerous intriguing features that focus on interaction and user retention, and as such, keep users on the exchange active in the long term. One of the most anticipated features will be the financing services bridging the gap between crypto and traditional finance, social trading options and the unique opportunity to earn a whopping 30% of passive income by holding tokens. Additional income is possible by participating in trading competitions and cashback opportunities offered on the platform.

To learn more about the VFIN project and its vision for the cryptocurrency market, make sure to visit the project’s website and read the white paper, which provides in-depth information about the scope of functionalities of the exchange:

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