THORChain & Fantom enthusiasts drawn to DeeStream’s stage 2 presale, anticipating twitch-level success

The second phase of the DeeStream presale has arrived, causing increased interest from the THORChain and Fantom communities. Two of the fastest-growing cryptocurrencies and dedicated followers in the blockchain space are paying attention to this new investment opportunity.

High expectations surround DST. With a decentralized streaming platform that promises to challenge the sector’s giants, it is natural for DeeStream to attract attention. Instant pay for streamers and reduced fees are just some of the benefits.

THORChain witnesses market adjustment with 12.47% reduction in its value in the last month

Over the past month, THORChain, one of the most innovative blockchain platforms focused on interoperability and liquidity between different chains, has undergone a major market adjustment. The cryptocurrency’s value fell 12.47%, dropping its price per token from $8.60 to $7.52.

This movement is part of the natural fluctuations of the cryptocurrency market, which is known for its volatility and rapid change in values. The drop in RUNE’s value can be attributed to new regulatory proposals in the sector, which have impacted many altcoins.

With its unique model that allows swaps between different cryptocurrencies without needing a centralized intermediary, the THORChain platform still maintains its good position in the blockchain ecosystem. Despite the recent price drop, the company’s value proposition and long-term vision continue to attract investors and users. This may be the right time to reevaluate positions, capitalizing on market adjustments to strengthen holdings.

Fantom celebrates 20% growth in the last month, increasing its market value

Ultra-fast speed and low transaction fees are the main features of the Fantom ecosystem. The 20% growth in the value of its cryptocurrency in the last month shows that investors’ confidence in the platform is high. The price of the FTM token, which was $0.807, reached $1.214. This leap is a sign of the potential of one of the leading blockchain platforms in innovating decentralized finance and smart contracts.

This increase in the value of Fantom can be attributed to the launch of applications on the Fantom network and the recent partnerships made by the company. The crypto community’s recognition of the platform’s efficiency suggests that its unique architecture and aBFT consensus, which offers near-instant transactions and high security, is attracting users looking for alternatives to traditional networks. 

DeeStream: The decentralized streaming proposal attracts investors

The innovative decentralized streaming platform DeeStream promises to transform the way content is shared and consumed online. Taking inspiration from the success of popular platforms such as Twitch and Kick, the new platform focuses on its difference: the decentralized model that puts power in the hands of token holders through a participatory governance system. This model allows users more freedom of expression and offers streamers direct and instant monetization methods, such as receiving gifted subs and Dee gifts.

Within its ecosystem, DeeStream offers several advantages, such as a 0% commission cryptocurrency exchange service, a rewards program for completing specific tasks, and a decentralized governance model that allows users to actively contribute to development of the platform. In its second presale phase, the token is currently valued at $0.055. With all the proposed benefits, the platform is not only attracting the attention of investors, but is also entering the streaming market, capturing the interest of content creators and their fans.

More information about DeeStream presale here.

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