THORChain & Fantom users seize Raffle Coin opportunity: Stage 1 of RAFF token presale almost sold out expecting huge returns

As cryptocurrency markets continue to grow and evolve, investors monitor various digital assets for opportunities to make big bucks. Raffle Coin is emerging as the flagship investment opportunity right now as a blockchain-based platform to make raffles more profitable for everyone. THORChain and Fantom investors have already jumped on board with the stage 1 presale on the verge of selling out, offering massive returns and growth potential.

THORChain could skyrocket to $10 with major developments 

In the last 30 days, THORChain has experienced impressive growth its price is now almost 40% higher, currently trading at $7.30, according to CoinMarketCap. Many investors expect it to surpass $10 in the near future. If the developers THORChain announce major collaborations and release crucial updates, RUNE could skyrocket to over $10 during Bitcoin’s halving event.

However, the opposite is also possible as the protocol failing to meet expectations may lead to liquidation, dropping the price below $4. On the other hand, THORChain investors are attracted to Raffle Coin as its stage 1 presale is nearing completion, giving it serious attention as it offers attractive prizes.

Fantom expected to crash even more

Fantom made headlines in the crypto market when it hit the yearly high of $1.22 on March 23. But the price has fallen since then, now trading around $1.03, representing a 10% decline. Additionally technical indicators suggest further declines, including the tumbling Relative Strength Index showing falling buyer interest.

It has prompted investors to seek out other coins with potential, and Raffle Coin caught their attention. They are closely watching Raffle Coin as it transforms the raffle market and becomes a market leader, coupled with enticing prizes and features.

Raffle Coin stage 1 presale approaches completion, attracts serious influx

Raffle Coin is gaining mainstream attention in the blockchain community as more and more THORChain and Fantom holders get involved with its stage 1 presale nearing its conclusion. This platform comes with a decentralized model offering users the chance to participate in raffles and win a variety of prizes like cryptocurrencies, clothing, exclusive holidays and much more.

Plus, signing up is a piece of cake. All you have to do is create an account, fund it, and participate in as many lottery games as you like. As a presale investor you’ll get a cut of the revenue from Raffle Coin. Also, you can earn rewards through the VIP staking loyalty program, where you receive prizes for staking Raffle Coin which will be based on your RAFF token holdings.

The stage 1 presale is quickly selling out, but you still have time to join; priced at just $0.02, it offers you great value and a chance to maximize your returns. In addition investors who participate in the presale will benefit from platform fees as well as an automatic entry into a $100,000 giveaway.

Raffle Coin has also successfully passed a rigorous audit test. Moreover, team tokens are locked for two years, and liquidity is locked for life, highlighting the platform’s high security standards.

With its current presale trajectory, the RAFF token is likely to see double-digit gains in the near future. So get involved today!

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