Most promising crypto for 2023: ADA, XRP & BLUNT

Are you looking for the most promising crypto for 2023? Then you are in the right place. In this article, we share our top 3 crypto picks for 2023. As we are approaching the end of the year, it is time to prepare your cryptocurrency strategy for January and beyond. But before we share why ADA, XRP, and BLUNT are the most promising crypto for 2023, let us first look at how to find the best crypto to invest in now.

How to Find the Best Crypto for 2023

The most important part of finding promising crypto projects is to look for real-life use cases or hype. If a crypto coin does not have either, it is unlikely to perform well. The good thing about real-life use cases is that people have to buy the token to use the platform or access other services. It means that demand for the token increases naturally. One simple example is BNB, which is needed to use the Binance Smart Chain. 

As many projects are building on BSC, there is a lot of demand for the token because it is used as gas. The same can happen when a token is required to participate in a certain market, like cannabis e-commerce, as you will see later in the article.

Next to real-life use cases, the hype factor can also make crypto tokens surge. If a project has a large fan base, then rallies are possible even if the project is facing difficulties. You will see that with ADA and XRP.

BudBlockz – Best Presale Crypto to Buy for 2023

The best presale crypto to buy for 2023 is BudBlockz. It is one of the most promising crypto projects, as it is the first decentralized e-commerce platform for the cannabis industry. As you probably know, cannabis is becoming legal in more countries yearly. After several US states have legalized it over the past couple of years, countries like Thailand followed suit earlier this year. 

With the presale for their token $BLUNT, you have a huge opportunity to be one of the first investors in the decentralized cannabis industry. And as economists expect the market to grow to a potential 176b over the coming years, you could see multiple 100x with BLUNT. That is if BudBlockz becomes the number one e-commerce marketplace for marijuana. At the moment, this is also a relatively low-risk investment since only a few people have invested at the current presale stage. The presale stage 2 lasts until November 20, 2022.

Cardano – Best Crypto to Buy on Coinbase

Cardano is among the most famous smart contract blockchains and Ethereum competitors. It is based on proof-of-stake, meaning that it needs much less energy than the proof-of-work concept Bitcoin uses. Plus, you can stake the ADA coin to earn passive income. After a crazy rally from about $0.30 in early 2021 to almost $3 in August 2021, it has seen quite a strong price decline right after the Alonso hard fork passed. It has recently found support in the low $0.3 range, giving you another 10x opportunity until its last all-time high.

XRP – Best Crypto With Strong Fan Base

Our last top crypto for 2023 is XRP. While Ripple, the company behind XRP, has had two rather difficult past years as they are facing a lawsuit by the SEC, XRP has held strong, thanks to its supportive community. XRP still ranks in the top 10 and has been trading relatively steadily in the $0.3 range. It also gives you about a 10x potential back to its all-time high of just over $3. A price pump is very likely in 2023 if they win the lawsuit against the SEC.

Most Promising Crypto for 2023 – Conclusion

BLUNT, ADA, and XRP are not only the most promising crypto for 2023, but they are also among the best crypto under $1 to invest in now. If you would like to profit from the biggest potential rally, BudBlockz’s presale allows you to be among the first investors in a promising industry with huge potential. 


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