Thrilling times again: Ragnarok is back in Ronin with a Big Bang

Monster World is an excellent mixture of Ragmons, PvP mode battling, and guild creation. ‘Ragnarok: Monster World’ is conceptualized by ZERO X AND, a gaming and Web3 development company. They have collaborated with the license holders of Monster World to bring IP to Web3 on Ronin.

Strategic collaboration can widen the industry’s influence among traditional gaming enthusiasts. Monster World builds a new gateway into the immersive world of the blockchain gaming industry. Ragnarok is more than a game, making it one of the evergreen gaming hits in history.

A huge generation of gamers, especially millennials, are fascinated by the biggest-ever gaming hit, Monster World. The game is currently developing, and its tentative release date is scheduled for the third quarter of 2024. Players can get Ragmons, both off-chain and on-chain, as the electrifying game goes live. They can utilize Ragmons to destroy an opponent’s tower in different game settings. Monster World will create a platform to connect both player bases and the online version of Ragnarok, which counts 50 million players per day.

The journey of Monster World was inspiring, as it created many animated series, imaginative online games, and a large votary base worldwide. The popularity of Ragnarok made it an instantaneous hit in Southeast Asia, and it topped Apple’s free download chart across Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, and the Philippines. Ragnarok has captured the hearts of gaming fans in the Southeast Asian subcontinent and state-of-the-art technology is the asset of Ragnarok as an online game.

It seems that Ragnarok: Monster World is powered by a magical wand. The creative souls at Ragnarok are intensely passionate about making a deep connection with their audience based in Southeast Asia and the rest of the world. ZERO X AND will brand Ragmons as Non-Fungible Tokens, and millions of online gaming enthusiasts are cherishing the lovely memories and nostalgia of Ragnarok.

Gaming freaks all over the length and breadth of the globe are passionately keen on exploring new facets of Monster World. The team at ZERO X AND is pursuing all possible avenues to get Ragmons into the hands of the gaming fan community as soon as possible.

Players can get Ragmons through the Mavis Market, and another option to acquire Ragmons is through in-app purchases. Gaming addicts worldwide anxiously await the ‘Ragnarok: Monster World’. The ZERO X AND team wishes to become a pillar of non-fungible token gaming in the upcoming days. They are lucky to get support from the start-up program of Google’s cloud services suite. The ZERO X AND is a validator to secure the XPLA, a blockchain project based on open-source technology. A warm and heartfelt welcome to the ‘Ragnarok: Monster World’ family, thanks to the NFT and gaming demigods of today.

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