ThunderCore Transforming Crypto Gaming With Blockchain-based Applications

ThunderCore has been altering the crypto gaming industry practices with its blockchain-based applications. In recent months, this public blockchain platform has launched its first crypto game ExoPlanets. ExoPlanets is the first 3D virtual reality MMO game, which is blockchain-powered. It gives a terrific adrenaline rush to the players with its real-time experience in the 3-dimensional environment with informative data fetched from most authentic sources like NASA.

ExoPlanets has chosen the ThunderCore platform rather than the conventional Ethereum platform. ThunderCore has improved its operational speed and scalability to enhance the gaming experience of the users.

ThunderCore has been creating waves with its blockchain-based core functionality. It even delivers services like integrated user acquisition competencies to help the developers to maximize user base. This platform ensures 100 times faster functionality than the existent decentralized apps on EOS, NEM, or Ethereum platforms.

Scaling Decentralized Application 

The decentralized application needs a large number of resources to bring the applications for scaling. This platform works on improvised consensus protocol which makes it faster. It also has very low transactional charges and with one-time confirmation, it starts transactions at high speed and low charges. A single Thunder token (TT) can potentially support 100,000 transactions with high efficacy.

Native Thunder Token

The platform has its own currency thunder token (TT), which can be paid for utilizing the resources on the blockchain platform. Developers can use this token to access the resources for writing applications on the blockchain.

Changing the Gaming industry 

ThunderCore founder and CEO Chris Wang’s vision was behind the ideation to develop this fastest blockchain-based decentralized platform. Thus, ThunderCore has been carefully designed to attract non-blockchain gamers to use this blockchain-based platform. The user base was increased using several marketing strategies collectively by its vibrant team. ThunderCore had a wide base in its previous gaming venture Playdom. It used various strategies to draw the millions of users from the Playdom and other platforms from the gaming industry.

However, ThunderCore doesn’t want to be stamped as a gaming Platform Company. It wants to utilize blockchain technology in various use cases where high performance is needed like the Decentralized Finance and supply chain. i-Voting is one of the use cases which was built on ThunderCore.

ThunderCore is a public chain and thus, it is open, accessible, and transparent. It can be useful in storing data, asset management and fundraising software program development and most importantly in the gaming industry.

A boon for Gaming developers

Game developers consistently try for a wider user base and user-friendly features. With this blockchain-based platform, the developers can scale without any compromise on security or performance and can deliver the best entertainment experience to their users.

More about ThunderCore 

ThunderCore is a fully decentralized EVM compatible public blockchain platform and can be utilized as a base to build decentralized applications.

It has been designed by professor Shi and Pass from Cornell University. ThunderCore is the improvised version of a consensus protocol that follows the Nakamoto consensus at its core base. It ensures full decentralization with a high level of efficiency, performance, and safety.

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