Tidal Finance Launches Mainnet for DeFi Insurance

Tidal Finance finally made the most exciting announcement of launching the innovative mining program and mainnet for the coverage providers associated with the platform. The foremost multi-chain platform of DeFi insurance, Tidal Finance, was first launched at the Polygon Network. The platform is renowned for offering subscription-based and customized insurance coverage to Blockchain corporations to secure them against smart contract execution failures and hacking incidents. The clients who made Tidal Finance rise in popularity include StaFi, bZx, EasyFi, Marlin, and Xend Finance. These top-tier clients are now seeking to subscribe to the flexible insurance model of Tidal Finance to ensure the analysis of weekly TVL (Total Value Locked) and the update of coverage costs.

As a part of the mainnet launch, Tidal Finance is also looking forward to introducing a cover mining program to incentivize the coverage providers. The cover mining program shall operate in an open marketplace and offer an initial incentive of 100% APY for covering more than 7 protocols while maintaining a reserve pool worth $1 million. Moreover, the coverage providers of Tidal Finance can also select and support different protocols like Yearn and Curve and more against hacking incidents. Through the mainnet launch, the platform of Tidal Finance is also going to provide gas-free transactions to the buyers and cover providers.


The mainnet launch by Tidal Finance is a blessing for the DeFi ecosystem that is constantly under the threat of smart contract failures and hacking attacks. The adjustable insurance model of Tidal Finance makes sure that companies can continue to grow and expand while protecting their clients. The CEO of Tidal Finance, Chad Liu, focuses on making the DeFi space more stable and secure. Tidal Finance directly insures the protocols of the DeFi ecosystem and thereby encourages the mass adoption of Blockchain technology and decentralized finance applications among individuals and institutional investors.

Trevor Holman

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