Timeless Finance’s Bunni protocol makes Uniswap v3 liquidity composable

The tokens have encouraged integrating Uniswap liquidity into different apps. Using former staking contracts, it aims to replace bespoke contracts to incentivize Uniswap v3 liquidity.

The new venture also made borrowing collateral easy by using Uniswap liquidity. This protocol has made the LP experience seamless by auto-compounding swap payments again into the LP position.

Bunni is the Uniswap v3 LP solution providing very few gas fees. However, Bunni helps reduce gas fees, uses the same price range, and shares the LP tokens. For more capital efficiency, Bunni enables projects on Uniswap v2 Sushiswap liquidity to move on Uniswap v3, keeping the same incentive structure.

Bunni has paved the path for coming liquidity incentivization and provided an enhanced LP experience among the traders. Traders will be benefited with less price impact, as liquidity is no longer fragmented between Uniswap v2 and v3.

With the help of Bunni Uniswap, v2 Sushiswap liquidity easily moves to v3 hassle-free. LPing is made cheaper with the help of Bunni. Bunni allows the Lps sharing a similar price range to co-use the same Uniswap V3 position, thereby reducing the costs of each LP.

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