TimiCoin/TimiHealth takes Steps to Support Military Families and Veterans to Own and Control their Health Records

TimiHealth announces last month that it will be enabling the Blue Button in the coming weeks, which will allow patients from Veterans Affairs and military families in TRICARE health plans to facilitate transmission of their personal healthcare data into the TimiHealth ecosystem. Backed by Timicoin, TimiHealth was the first operating blockchain platform designed to empower individuals to use tools within the platform, allowing them to control and monetize their personal healthcare information.

The Veterans Affairs healthcare system has over 9 million enrolments, benefiting over 9.4 million people, including service members and their families. TimiHealth emphasizes the importance of quick access to medical history for our military service members and provides them valuable opportunities by allowing them to monetize their personal health information if they choose to do so.

Joyce  Lignell, Chairperson, Advisory Board of TimiHealth said that they were proud on providing those who served or are serving the US Military, tools to accredit every one of them a path to acquire better control on their data. She stated that the added benefit of being able to generate a passive income by monetizing health data is a specialty of TimiHealth, claiming this to be a win-win situation from everyone’s perspective.

TimiHealth promises to provide a streamlined process to upload health records, using the Blue Button. Patients records downloading feature has also been activated. The blockchain platform also plans to join Virtual Lifetime Electronic Record Health  Information Exchange Initiative (VLER HIE), and eHealth Exchange. This will ensure a smoother and simplified transfer of health records into the TimiHealth ecosystem.

TimiCoin/TimiHealth founder, Will Lowe said the company recognizes that healthcare is running on an unsustainable path, and it was pretty clear that to them that true and meaningful change, is much needed, which is inclusive of every consumer of healthcare. Lowe claimed that by emancipating any individual to have access to their own personal information related to healthcare will change the scenario completely.

According to him, this will create a conversation which would focus on choices of everything from where one receives care, the cost of that care, the optimal steps necessary to achieve the best personal health outcome. In August last year, the platform launched the TimiDNA two million TimiCoin giveaway, which saw the platform pay 20 TimiCoins to the first 100,000 individuals who uploaded their DNA data on the TimiDNA platform.

However, TimiCoin has been trading lower against the US dollar, falling 20% over the last seven days.

What is TimiCoin/TimiHealth?

TimiCoin/TimiHealth is a first of its kind blockchain-as-a-service platform which provides decentralized health care data, accessible instantly from anywhere in the world. The platform allows for medical record transfers at lightning speed with maximum security and availability.

Currently, TimiCoin is priced at $0.0136 on major exchanges, with a total market cap of $4.30 million.

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