Tiny Drift positioned live on Mavis Hub Greenlight

Tiny Drift, the newest game from Mavis Hub Greenlight, has been activated and playable, with plenty of thrills and many earning options. In short, the player can drive a cart on racetracks with earning opportunities to 1K AXP/axie daily via PVE adventure mode. The game is accessible on desktop and Android mobile.

Incidentally, Axie Quest too is providing rainbow gem packages on the Mavis Store. It is also a game from Greenlight.

In Tiny Drift, the player selects a kart and an axie and starts doing the rounds on the racetrack. Directions for maneuvering the kart and earning opportunities are provided. The game will soon introduce a leaderboard, a PvP battle mode, gold currency incorporation, and a lot more.

They have also introduced Rainbow Gems to the Mavis Store. This in-game currency is utilized in Axie Quest and is accessible in the Mavis Store.

For the pleasure of players, there are various options, such as taking over a Rainbow Gem Chest, coming with a bonus of 25%, or claiming a starter pack with a bonus of 130%. The Gem packages are accessible on the Mavis Store and can be utilized in Axie Quest.

Axie Quest is a game from Greenlight. It is inspired by the Match 3 Puzzle type and has an RPG angle.

When Axie was introduced, it came with a single line of code. With time, it evolved into a global movement. Multiple Axie-based games are mushrooming now and then, which is extremely encouraging for the company and speaks to its immense popularity.

Sky Mavis’s team created Tiny Drift. Meanwhile, separate teams will continue working on titles such as Origins, Homeland, and Classic.

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