TITAN: The first AI game with NIM Network’s economic framework for AI agents

NIM Network, a gaming and deep-tech cryptography service of Dymension Network, announced the introduction of the first-of-its-kind AI gaming experience named TITANS on March 2nd. With the launch of TITANS, NIM aims to create a more immersive and engaging gaming experience in the Web3 space.


NIM Network envisions creating a system where AI engineers can create agents through various platforms, ensuring both pro-code and no-code engineers can get involved. Developers can develop SDKs, tools, and AI models, while owners should be able to provide liquidity and share the revenue generated from these agents.

Players can activate agents in specific games, test NPCs, provide valuable input on bot assistants, and guide their AI agents. The economic structure of TITANS will allow users autonomy, where they can tokenize and monetize their data while having the choice to share revenue. From the moment an agent is created, an economic loop is created in which owners provide liquidity and share revenue while developers split fees and earnings.

The game will use the technology running on ERC6551, which enables ERC-721 tokens to have their own smart contract account, a Token Bound Account (TBA), controlled by the holder of the NFT, which allows NFTs to come into life and conduct on-chain transactions. By turning NFTs into smart accounts, an on-chain AI agent could be developed, acting as an NPC or character in the Titan environment. Each character will have its dedicated wallet. This will create a bridge to conduct transactions and engage in digital relationships.

The Genesis AI NFT will also act as the first entryway into the agent economic system. In contrast, game AI NFTs like TITANS AI NFT and DOTA AI NFT will function as access points based on rewards players can gather. Owners can use Account Abstraction (AA) agents created from game AI NFTs to deposit, withdraw, initiate, and end transactions.

Agents can function autonomously by utilizing session keys for automation and security, eliminating the need for user reauthorization. As a crucial component of mission control, the AI oracle will connect and reassess fresh circumstances to generate flexible agents capable of adjusting to various scenarios.

Game on!

NIM’s AI-powered gaming platform gets three new features. First, create smart agents with natural language interfaces in games to connect creators and players. The second feature is decoupling agent ownership and activation for different users and community groups.

The third feature adds esports and entertainment layers where AI agents improve and compete against each other. In the future, this would involve millions of gaming viewers in live prediction markets and other monetization methods.

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