Crypto battle continues as TMS Network takes on XRP & TRON in 2023 showdown

2023 has been very eventful in the crypto world, with many tokens experiencing an alternate period of bullish and bearish runs. Only TMS Network (TMSN), which is currently selling at presale, has been consistently bullish, and it has been predicted that if it continues with its current momentum, the token will eventually catch up with Ripple’s XRP and TRON (TRX).

XRP maintains its bullish run for two consecutive months

Since January this year, XRP price has steadily increased, with an over 30% rise in January alone. In February, XRP maintained this impressive performance and rallied up to almost 50%. The price of XRP has also increased by 47% and 17% in the last fourteen days and one week, respectively.

XRP as a digital currency and payment protocol was created in 2012, and its primary goal is to enable fast, low-cost, and secure cross-border payments. Unlike other decentralized blockchain platforms, XRP operates on a distributed ledger technology called the XRP Ledger.

The XRP Ledger is a decentralized network that allows fast and efficient transactions. It can process up to 1,500 transactions per second, making it one of the fastest payment networks. Transactions on The XRP Ledger are confirmed in seconds. The gas fees are significantly low, making XRP an attractive option for individuals and businesses.

After a slight increase in January, TRON (TRX) price tanked for 4 weeks

TRON (TRX) is a blockchain-based decentralized platform established to serve as a content distribution network for the entertainment industry, but it has now gone beyond. TRON was founded by Justin Sun in 2017 and has since grown to become one of the largest blockchain platforms in the world.

The TRON platform allows creators to distribute their content directly to their audience without intermediaries such as streaming services, app stores, or social media platforms. This is made possible through smart contracts, allowing content creators to set rules and terms for distributing and monetizing their content.

TRON’s native cryptocurrency is $TRX, used to pay for content and services on the platform. The TRON’s token is also used to reward content creators for their contributions to the TRON ecosystem. Although TRX is the sixteenth largest cryptocurrency in the world by market capitalization, the performance of the $TRX token has not been really impressive. TRON has been more bearish than bullish for most of the year.

TMS Network (TMSN) halfway to hit $0.50

TMS Network (TMSN) token $TMS traded for just a little above $0.036 but has now increased to $0.046 within days. It is selling at presale and has generated over $3,000,000, with millions of tokens sold already.

TMS Network

For context, TMS Network (TMSN) is a revolutionary cryptocurrency project that aims to solve the complex challenges facing the trading landscape. With its cutting-edge trading platform, TMSN provides traders with a user-friendly interface with access to various assets, including cryptocurrencies, equities, FX, and CFDs.

It is built on the Ethereum blockchain, ensuring a seamless, secure, and all-in-one trading experience without centralized intermediaries. Transparency and security are also paramount on the TMS Network (TMSN) platform, leveraging blockchain technology to provide transparency and trust across its network.

The platform TMS Network employs state-of-the-art security measures, such as encryption, multi-sig wallets, and routine security checks, to safeguard traders’ assets and transactions. It also provides advanced trading tools for traders to make their trading experience seamless and enables them to make better-informed decisions.


The battle between TMS Network, XRP, and TRON is a reflection of the constantly evolving nature of the blockchain industry. However, investors and traders tilted more towards TMS Network to emerge victorious as the platform offers some unique high-tech features compared to the other two networks.

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