TNC Group Makes Announcement of P2E Shooter MetaPang Investment

TNC IT Solutions Group is a blockchain company based out of Dubai, and it has recently announced its groundbreaking investment project, MetaPang. 

MetaPang is a play-to-earn (P2E) shooter game that deems to be the ‘next Axie Infinity’. The blockchain firm has shown complete confidence and support in the MetaPang project and other potential projects. 

Although TNC IT is fundamentally a security services and blockchain development company, it has shown growing support for various blockchain projects. It claims to be in search of potential projects and has been working towards the role of a Venture Capitalist for its selected companies. 

The announcement followed a significant AirDrop event of MetaPang for the first 10,000 participants. The success of this event will determine the airdrop’s second phase, known as the ‘beta service.’ The phase has already commenced on the 25th of April and will wind up on the 24th of May. Additionally, the winners will receive the rewards on the 1st of June.

MetaPang made another announcement on its prospects – such as the launch of an event box, the official launch of the platform, NFT character sales, and marketplace opening. 

MetaPang will be launched by Coco Games’ popular blockchain crypto gaming platform, which emphasizes tokenomics linked by DeFi (decentralized finance). MetaPang aims to grow a reliable and robust community of users and gamers via its upcoming P2E or Play-to-Earn. 

About TNC IT Solutions Group

TNC IT offers security services and blockchain development to users across geographical borders and caters to more than 500 blockchain developers. The company has different branches in the USA, UK, UAE, India, Japan, Singapore, Canada, Vietnam, France, Romania, Russia, and Hong Kong. TNC IT believes in emerging blockchain start-ups and companies and is always looking to support them in the best possible way.

Brian J. Swayze

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