TokenFi introduces Token Launcher and QuickLaunch Bot

TokenFi has made it easier for everyone to introduce a token via Token Launcher and QuickLaunch bot. They are live on testnet and being hosted by the Ethereum Goerli chain. The tools are the kind that mitigate the requirement of going through a complex process. Developers and users can have a token with a few clicks and no code needed.

Their availability is based on the device and platform a person is using. Token Launcher is available on web browsers available on desktop and mobile, while the QuickLaunch bot can only be accessed through Discord or Telegram.

The aim here is to simplify the process of tokenizing crypto and assets. It further aligns with the mission of becoming the leading tokenization platform. This has boosted the price of TOKEN, marking an increase of 5% after the official announcement. The token last exchanged hands at $0.02675.

The introduction of Token Launcher and the QuickLaunch bot has met with a lot of positive responses from the community.

Most have called this a game changer, while others have said that TokenFi is revolutionizing the industry. Others are bullish about $TOKEN gaining more in the days to come.

TokenFi has recently published that its native token can now be accessed by Russian customers using CommEX. It is one of the top centralized exchanges in Russia, housing over a million customers on the platform. The tokenization industry in Russia is poised to reach $16 trillion in valuation in a few years. Therefore, TokenFi has called this listing strategic, with most of the benefits slated to be in their accounts as time progresses.

CommEX originally made the announcement, informing its community that they could deposit and trade the token with a limited supply of 340,000 in the pool. Users can deposit and withdraw funds through the BEP20 and ERC20 networks.

CommEX has simultaneously announced running three promotions to accelerate trading activity. The first promotion offers 50% off trading fees for a select pair: TOKEN/USDT. The second promotion offers a 10 USDT Simple Futures Bonus Voucher on the deposit of TOKEN along with 10,000 TOKEN rewards.

The third promotion fuels the trade of TOKEN/USDT or 1000 FLOKI USDT for customers to share a reward from the pool worth 300,000 TOKEN.

The second and third promotions will run through November 24, 2023 (8:30 UTC) and November 30, 2023 (23:59 UTC), while the first promotion will run from November 24, 2023 (8:30 UTC) to December 23, 2023 (23:59 UTC).


Another platform that is supporting $TOKEN is WazirX. The trading platform has announced running the Highest Trader Kaun Marathon, translating to who is the highest trader marathon. Up to 170,000 $TOKEN are available for grabs, with prizes being awarded to only the top 100 traders who will be ranked in terms of volume. The contest ends on November 25, 2023, at 11:59 p.m. IST.

TokenFi’s Token Launcher and QuickLaunch Bot remain at the center of the stage, helping customers launch their tokens in a simplified manner with a few clicks and without typing a single code line.

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