TOKO Token to Be listed in Leading Singaporean Cryptocurrency Exchange

Tokoin can be described as a platform that sets up digital business reputation and identity of MSME (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises) as adequate credibility, which will benefit financial institutions and suppliers. Moreover, the platform utilizes blockchain technology to build an authentic identity and reputation of the MSMEs. Tokoin permits Tokoin clients to build a reliable profile for stakeholders in its ecosystem.

Current Scenario:

  • TOKOIN Tokens depend on ERC-20 token, which is distributed on the Ethereum that is intended to be utilized for transactions that are transacted at the exchange.
  • TOKO is a utility token, which can be utilized in the Tokoin framework. The transaction data of MSME can be presented through Tokoin dApp. Tokoin validates and processes the information into an important asset. Besides, organizations can procure the information by staking TOKO tokens.
  • Presently, as TOKO token is accessible for purchasing through the KuCoin exchange, the Tokoin team members are eager to list them in cryptocurrency exchanges for listing. Moreover, the exchange that is going to list the TOKO token was established in 2018.
  • TOKO team is strong and experienced; it comprises of experienced developers and entrepreneurs. Moreover, Tokoin has collaborated with Tomochain venture.

Launching of Native token:

  • Earlier this year, Tokoin outperformed its first and most significant achievement that sent its reputation sky-high. To be more specific, on the 23rd of August, Tokoin released its native token TOKO, which turned out to be the fifth venture under the KuCoin Spotlight program.
  • The group behind this shares a broad involvement with blockchain and finance-related markets. Their project objective is to create a leading blockchain resource trading platform and to use the security features of blockchain to safeguard its clients and the exchange.
  • Tokoin is Indonesia’s blockchain venture that is sponsored by local government foundations and associations. The venture supports Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in rising and emerging economies. It provides a platform for business operations and making feasible credit scores for insurance, loans, credit extensions, and a market place to develop their growth.

Which Specific Exchange is planning to list TOKO Token?

  • As the client base of Tokoin supporters growing quickly, many are excited to get an extra chance to purchase TOKO tokens. One of the worldwide leading cryptocurrency platforms is planning to list the token; the name of the platform is yet to be announced.
  • Moreover, it is anticipated that this trading platform will declare the listing of TOKO token to its clients in the forthcoming weeks. Besides, the exchange offers selected blockchain assets and security protection.
  • Earlier, Tokoin has launched a Testnet. dApps on mainnet are planned to be launched in the first quarter of 2020.

Advantages of Tokoin platform:

Few advantages of Tokoin platform are listed below:

  • Creating a Digital Identity for MSME that shows an authentic reputation
  • Providing development opportunities to MSME by forging business associations
  • Helping the MSME to use their information to develop more funding

How will TOKOIN benefit MSMEs?

  • Help in creating the sound business profile of MSMEs by handling clients’ non-financial information to build a credit scoring
  • Ensure a lower price through aggregated purchasing
  • Earn points for making a transaction and redeem it for discounts
  • Empower simple access to funding applications

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