Tomo Chain To Collaborate With Binance, Will Introduce TOMO Coin On Binance Chain

Tomo Chain has announced that it is collaborating with Binance to bring a BEP2 TOMOB token on Binance Chain. The move is an effort to create interoperability between the two platforms.

Tomo will also make efforts to introduce the token on Binance DEX, the decentralized crypto exchange of the Binance ecosystem. In its official blog on Medium, Tomo said,

TomoBridge has been built, allowing users to easily migrate native TOMO from TomoChain mainnet to TOMOB on Binance Chain and vice versa. Initially, native TOMO can be swapped to TOMOB via TomoBridge, and the full 2-way feature will be completed within the next 3 months.

TomoBridge will allow users to effortlessly migrate their token to the Binance Chain via a dedicated website. Users will just need to enter the addresses of their TomoChain wallet and Binance Chain Wallet. The testnet for the platform already live a few weeks earlier for internal usage, and the mainnet was launched on Friday at 3 pm Singapore Time. Tomo says that the entire transition will be completed within the next three months.

TomoChain is an ecosystem which allows entrepreneurs, enterprises, and institutions to build an advanced blockchain based project solutions. The blockchain protocol is primarily focused on offering features enhanced speed, better privacy, improved usability and liquidity on one platform.

Binance DEX has become the preferred choice for various platforms to release their tokens. Recently, a transaction valuing $1.2 billion in BNB was executed from one wallet to another, within 1.1 seconds, and just for $0.15 in fees. This shows the potential it has, and many more platforms would want to enlist on the decentralized exchange.

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