TomoChain to Launch TomoX Testnet for Its Users

As per the latest news, the TomoX testnet will be live from tomorrow. The authorities have confirmed that it will be live from 3 pm on November 5.

DEX will be the probable future of cryptocurrencies as per the experts. However, DEX is safer than CEX as the user have control over their assets while making transactions. Tomo X is a protected and effective DEX. This diverse form of DEX helps different and independent projects work together in a decentralized manner.

Building DEX and operating it to provide liquidity can be difficult as it has to cover some aspects that include marketing, technical, and financial strategies. With the introduction of TomoX protocol, all these problems have got addressed successfully with their Relayered Master Node Architecture. This innovative architecture allows the user to launch their DEX without having much technical knowledge and its upkeep cost is also negligible.

The developers have integrated the core of TomoChain with layer 1 protocol TomoX. Thus, the user can experience high-speed confirmation time and high-quality performance. All the TomoX built DEX will share the same order book. All the infrastructure and computation will be done by the master node.

Compared to the presently available DEXs, TomoX will provide cutting-edge features and will enhance its capabilities. DEXs following TomoX architecture will be more influential compared to the traditional DEX as it follows PoSV architecture.

The TomoX protocol will introduce two new parts; TomoX SDK and TomoRelayer. TomoX SDK will enable the user to launch permission less DEX that will reduce the development cost and time. TomoRelayer will provide a simple portal to launch DEX on the website by simply depositing 25,000 TOMO. It will work as a professional dashboard and the user can analyze, monitor and control their virtual assets.

To provide the user, a hands-on experience, TomoChain is launching TomoDEX. The testnet that is getting launched will help the user to get a truly decentralized trading experience. The exchange is also providing video and written tutorials for the user to learn to trade. They are also requesting the users to join them on Telegram if they need support from TomoChain.


The blockchain of TomoChain allows the user to build high-execution feature-rich projects on EVM compatible platform. All the user needs of liquidity, privacy, and speed can be met in this single platform. The high transaction speed achieved here never compromises with decentralization. The platform has a 150 high-quality master node to achieve the standard.

Scott Cook

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