TON Promises To Launch First NFTs & Marketplace Later This Year

The ambitious TON blockchain created by Telegram founder Pavel Durov is living up to its promise of great things to come this year with the announcement of an official TON-based NFT platform. 

TON’s NFT marketplace is still a work in progress, and it’s not clear when it will launch. Still, when it does, community members will be able to bid to get their hands on one or more of 10,000 unique, animated TON Diamond NFTs that are being developed to coincide with its debut. 

The TON Diamonds project is the work of a team of NFT pioneers that believe in the potential of TON, which is aiming to become the foundation of web3. The project is building a decentralized version of the public Internet that will ensure users have complete control and ownership of their data, along with complete anonymity. 

When the TON NFT marketplace launches, it’s expected that at least some of the TON Diamonds will be listed for sale there. The TON Diamonds team also revealed that it’s working on integrating with the Tonkeeper mobile wallet, ensuring buyers will have somewhere to store their Diamond NFTs. 

As the first-ever TON NFTs to be minted, half of the proceeds from the sale will be invested in developing new products and services around TON’s ecosystem. 

The upcoming NFT marketplace adds to a long list of 2022 milestones on the TON project’s roadmap, which also calls for the launch of its DNS service, its first DeFi apps, and a new developer program in the first quarter. Later in the year, TON will also launch a decentralized file-storage system and TON Workchains, which will bridge every other blockchain. 

The TON blockchain has been under development for some time. It was created by Durov back in 2017, only to be open-sourced in 2020 after Telegram faced opposition to its plans from the U.S. government. Since then, the project has been led by the Russian developer Anatoly Makosov and stayed mainly under the radar until last month, when it announced to the world that it’s planning nothing less than “mass adoption” by the end of the year.

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