Top 3 upcoming crypto ICOs

While the next crypto market bull run may seem quite distant, it’s prudent to prepare now instead of entering the market when prices have already taken off. One of the best ways to do this is by identifying Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) of promising projects solving real problems and resonating with the audience.

There are plenty of projects like this but let’s focus on three upcoming crypto ICOs that could breathe new life into the broader crypto and blockchain space:-

Rate That Crypto

This platform unites gamers, traders, and financial market enthusiasts in a lean and highly-engaging manner. Participants can play a game where they stake points on a bullish or bearish prediction on up to 250 coins/tokens over a stated time frame.

When a player’s predictions are correct, their staked points are doubled. But if they are wrong, their points are taken. The winners move up the leaderboard ranks and can earn more rewards from the prize pool. The RTC tokens earned can also be staked to get into bonus monthly draws with extra payouts, access deeper market insights, beta testing, and more.

The RTC token’s maximum supply is 500 million tokens, of which 3% will go to liquidity along with 5% of the presale. These proportions have been devised to address the supply side, keeping the token scarce. Moreover, the Rate That Crypto team has massively lowered the barrier to entry, meaning players can quickly flood the platform, drive up prediction activity, stake RTC and attract advertising revenue.

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This makes it harder for early token holders to sell them in mass since they can see rapid value generation. The well-calculated token supply moderation and income streams make Rate That Crypto’s ICO one of the top ones to watch. 


Oryen aims to avoid the mistakes of many earlier DeFi projects by imposing a higher whale tax to deter sudden large sell-offs while also paying a 90% annual yield (APY) to those who stake their ORY tokens.

The ORY ICO has considerable potential when considering the token distribution, where 3.33% of the total supply has been allocated to liquidity, helping maintain scarcity. When we zoom into the trading fees, we see an 8% buy tax and a 12% sell tax. Lastly, Oryen has a Risk-Free Value wallet to help maintain asset backing during extreme market conditions.

Dash 2 Trade

The Dash 2 Trade crypto analytics platform is set to refine traders’ strategies by offering top-notch signals and bot capabilities. The project has already passed the 70% mark in its D2T token presale and looks on track to have a successful ICO. This is partly because token holders will have a wealth of data spanning on-chain metrics, social sentiment, and other essential variables scrutinized by Quant developers while gaining access to a community of 70,000 traders. Although, there are many other upcoming ICOs, which have the potential to be successful in the future, so click here to know more! 

Wrapping Up

With these 3 Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), you can see either a relevant approach to accelerating user adoption and the accompanying revenue streams or a strategy addressing the common ICO problem of wild speculation and premature liquidation of tokens. 

This shows that the teams behind these projects are working hard to secure long-term buy-in from participants of all sizes while expediting growth. On that note, don’t be surprised if these three projects have record-breaking ICOs. 

For the latest news on Rate That Crypto, check out the RTC Discord Server and join the telegram group.


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