Top 5 amazing Web3 games coming to Avalanche Subnets

Web3 gaming is quickly becoming a major part of the global gaming industry. As gamers get acquainted with blockchain gaming, the genre is skyrocketing.

Platforms like Avalanche Subnets are leveraging the boost to help studios innovate with Web3 gaming. The platform lets gaming studios customize their blockchain based on their gaming needs. It removes third-party bottlenecks and adds features such as gasless transactions.

Even better, Avalanche’s Arcad3 program merges the power of Web3 gaming with Web2 gaming. Such properties make Avalanche the ideal hub for gaming ventures. On that note, let’s take a look at five of the most promising Web3 games set to launch on Avalanche.

Off the Grid

Off the Grid is one of the most anticipated games in both Web2 and Web3 gaming circles. Several streamers have provided previews of the battle royale third-person shooter, which has quickly gained popularity. Off the Grid aims to add digital ownership rewards while adding new gameplay designs for an intuitive experience.

TSM Blitz

Unlike Off the Grid, TSM Blitz is a gaming project that aims to boost the Web3 gaming genre. Backed by gaming giant TSM, the platform will leverage Avalanche’s tools to promote new gaming experiences. Blitz already boasts 30 million users, and it’s building on top of Avalanche Subnet to promote Web3 gaming.


Shrapnel will compete in the first-person shooter gaming category against some of the most popular titles. The AAA FPS has been developed using Unreal Engine 5 with highly realistic graphics. It also boasts an NFT economy featuring in-game wearables, guns, and more.

Domi Online

Domi Online takes a different approach than the rest of the projects as an MMORPG. The game offers a medieval storybook look with a cozy sense of nostalgia. The World of Warcraft-esque game will boast a tokenization mechanism to reward users for their efforts.


Developed by Pixion Studios, Fableborn belongs to the ARPG/strategy genre. Its gameplay involves players raiding dungeons created by fellow players, making it completely user-centric. The mobile game will merge the tried-and-tested formula with new Web3 features to deliver a unique gameplay experience to players. 

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