Top 5 Tron tokens and their applications

Tron, the digital platform that is decentralized and blockchain-based, owns its very own cryptocurrency, the Tronix or TRX. Founded in 2017, the Tron Foundation, a Singapore-based non-profit organization, bags the credit for discovering Tron. Tron Foundation focuses on anchoring a global entertainment system, specifically for sharing digital content cost-effectively. Also, to solve other real-life challenges, Tron is used as the backend blockchain technology to produce other tokens apart from TRX, its native token. Every good investor looks out for great tokens, which is the first step in planning their next investment move.

With the by-line “Decentralize the Web,” Tron targets to evacuate the corporate mediator from gobbling up the media. After a year’s persistent progress, Tron has emerged with the most aggressive DAPP public blockchain. Tron poses a real challenge to the ERC20 tokens and has begun to replace them slowly. This article discusses the leading 5 Tron tokens and their applications in detail.

Top 5 Tron Tokens

IGG – Inter Galactic Gold

IGG is a gaming token. Experts feel that the price of IGG could shoot up extensively if it manages to attract at least a considerable fraction of the gaming industry, like the best Tron casino, through partnerships. It’s quite impressive to learn that the handful of professionals behind this token is the elite group who presently brainstorm on a platform that would transform the existing ways competitive gaming happens.


SEED is considered the leading of the tokens in the Tron network. It’s the Sesame seed token that had initiated the exchange of Tron tokens by bots through telegram. The SEED token is considered the highest liquified token of the Tron blockchain-operated Tron online casino. SEED is a fixed token wherein the backing values are non-negotiable.


EGG is the token that a player at the best Tron casino needs to play the SeedGerminator financed game, “the eggies.” EGG tops second on the list of the most liquid assets on the Tron network, with a massive capability to disrupt the entire gaming industry. Although its worth is presently fixed to a preset price by the game creators, its market price falls under the ICO. Anyways, while the game is released, players will begin to receive rewards, and subsequently, the prices will certainly shoot up. Apart from the EGG tokens, the SEED EGG, partner food tokens, and EGGUITY tokens will also be a part of this game, raising their worth when it turns live. There are many different crypto game sites available in the market, allowing players to play provably fair gaming.

TWM – Tron Watch Market

The token used on numerous decentralized exchanges (DEX) over the Tron Network is the TWM. Being financed by the Seed Germinator, these DApps permit the exchange of Tron tokens efficiently and securely. The role of TWM is to lower the fee or discard them. Although this token has lesser demand and liquidity, experts hope that its prices will shoot up when the exchange is opened due to its significant utility.


Fairness is what the Poppy token represents. By using the existing POS systems, Poppy focuses on creating an app that would accept TRX and other Tron tokens. The intention behind this is to reduce the barriers that prohibit desiring retailers from stepping into the crypto payment space. It is to be noted that those holding poppy tokens are prone to be credited with a portion of the company’s profit.

The Top 5 Tron Decentralized Applications (DApps)

The Tron, or TRX, has emerged to pioneer the blockchain networks in the crypto market in releasing decentralized applications (DApps). Below are the 5 leading Tron Decentralized Applications you should be aware of –

  • JustSwap – Launched in 2020, this DEX operates on Tron and has enormous followers on Telegram and Twitter. Swapping between tokens like TRX, SUN, USDC, and WBTT, along with ETH, BTC, and USDT, is easier here, with just the availability of a TronLink wallet.
  • Kraftly – This decentralized NFT marketplace uses Tron and operates on BSC and Tron network blockchains. Kraftly permits its users to purchase and sell NFTs, rare digital stuff, and collectibles, all on a single platform. Also, direct trading between NFT creators and buyers is possible.
  • Luminous – This works on the Tron blockchain and lets you play games like Megabit and Lucky Dice using crypto and, subsequently, earn some. 
  • Wink – Cemented widely as the supporter of casinos based on the blockchain platform, every best Tron casino operates on this. Wink is bilingual – English and Arabic.
  • Unifi Protocol – This digital platform uses a smart-contract system, connecting widespread DeFi marketplaces. Simple enabling processes and cost-effectiveness in cross-chain trading are its primary focus. Unifi aims to connect Ethereum-based products with proliferating marketplaces on other blockchains like Tron.

Closing Words

Frankly speaking, Tron has been traveling beyond the expected boundaries of its own team of development professionals. The reason behind the quick growth is the fresh evolution in the crypto market, yielding numerous projects that have begun to use the Tron blockchain. By terminating the use of centralized platforms, Tron has placed itself in a position in which the content creators connecting with their audiences directly is made possible. Indeed, Tron has begun to invade the DApps markets slowly and steadily.

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