SmarterWorx (ARTX), Avalanche (AVAX), and Uniswap (UNI) are the top DeFi Projects for December

Due to the exponential global expansion of blockchain technology, decentralized finance has gained popularity. Blockchain technology has developed to a multi-trillion dollar market value in less than two decades, containing cutting-edge innovations like cryptocurrency and Non-Fungible Tokens, sometimes known as digital art.

DeFi has made it possible for consumers to access financial services, including loans, insurance, margin trading, and yield farming via a distributed ledger. The practice of “yield farming” involves receiving incentives for staking digital assets on a network to increase network liquidity.

A broad variety of protocols and dApps have been made possible by the expansion of DeFi, and this growth is most likely to continue. Therefore, investing in DeFi crypto assets like SmarterWorx (ARTX), Avalanche (AVAX), and Uniswap (UNI) might be a fantastic start for December if you’re eager to join this expanding ecosystem.

A new DeFi platform has sprung from the ashes, with some of the most alluring features for buyers of digital assets. The latest NFT revolution is known as SmarterWorx.

SmarterWorx (ARTX)

Because SmarterWorx values the community, they constantly provide their customers benefits for holding ARTX tokens in the form of staking bonuses and royalty payments from every of the sold NFTs.

ARTX is the native token of SmarterWorx. It is designed to be the first cryptocurrency that generates profits from trading real and elite artwork.

For many years, high-net-worth individuals and institutions have used art to generate wealth. Additionally, 43% of younger art collectors stated they were interested in fractional investments tied to art pieces, while 64% said they had a significant interest in NFTs.

The returns on blue-chip art since 2000 have significantly beaten the S&P 500 and investment in property.

After considering all the available information and the current state of the market, SmarterWorx determined that the time was right to start lowering the entry barriers to fine art investing and finding a palatable way to spread the advantages of owning and trading art and collectible assets among the general public.

Having been examined by Solidity Finance and passing the audit, SmarterWorx is now a trustworthy project and the top DeFi project for December.



Avalanche (AVAX)

One of the intriguing cryptocurrency alternatives created to solve the scalability and security concerns on the Ethereum network is Avalanche (AVAX). Avalanche is based on a smart-contract-based framework, like the best DeFi initiatives. Top DeFi features and decentralized apps may be supported by this system (dApps).

However, this project can ensure more compatibility because the smart contracts on Avalanche are created using the solidity programming language. The native token of the Avalanche blockchain is called AVAX. It is employed to facilitate transactions, provide users with a means of token governance, and cover transaction costs.

Uniswap (UNI)

Uniswap is an Ethereum blockchain-based decentralized exchange (DEX). Investors can trade digital assets without opening an account on DEXs, in contrast to centralized cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance or Coinbase. The largest decentralized exchange in the world, Uniswap, transacts more than a billion dollars worth of cryptocurrencies every day.

The development community has carefully examined the open-source project known as the Uniswap exchange. The platform’s whole smart contract code is safe, and since Uniswap is non-custodial, hackers cannot profit from targeting it.


SmarterWorx may be the top of these three, with the benefit of being fresh on the market and having the lowest market cap.

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