Cryptocurrencies with long-term potential: Cardano, Ripple, Budblockz, Solana

The bear market continues to fuel the interest in cryptocurrencies with long-term potential. Some crypto projects have already been extremely valuable in the current weak market and are a great long-term investment opportunity. This article covers four crypto coins that have shown true potential in the crypto space and have high chances of boosting their value in the following years. 

Cardano (ADA) has been on the rise

Cardano was founded by one of Ethereum’s founders to increase sustainability, scalability, and interoperability among networks. It had turned into one of the fastest-growing crypto projects, especially in 2021, when the price increased more than ten times. 

Thanks to its real-world use cases, ADA may be a good choice for investors looking for long-term stability. In a few words, Cardano is used to creating decentralized applications. However, many positive and negative developments could affect this token’s price in the future, including new forks and its adaptability. 

Ripple to replace the SWIFT System

Ripple is yet another relatively stable project that positions itself as a crypto solution for businesses. It is a money transfer service where the native token is XRP. This crypto project was well thought out as a replacement for the SWIFT service – the current standard money transfer network for institutions worldwide. 

In addition to this, Ripple does facilitate not only the transfer of cryptocurrencies but also fiat currencies. Compared to banks, Ripple only charges a nominal fee of 0.00001 XRP for each transaction – a very low price compared to banking fees, especially those charged on international transactions. 

BudBlockz shakes the World Economy

A new project with immense long-term potential, BudBlockz is an e-commerce platform that positively disrupts the marijuana industry. This creative concept attracts new and savvy investors thanks to its potent real-world use cases and fundamentals.

BudBlockz shakes the World Economy

BudBlockz stands to profit from the legalization trend of the marijuana industry, which is spreading now among many countries. Hence, experts expect this industry to reach nearly $200 billion by the decade’s end. BudBlockz users can buy and sell marijuana products as long as their consumption is legal in their region. It comes as a huge improvement since marijuana transactions have always been shadowed by uncertainty, unsafety, and accessibility issues. 

In addition, the platform’s users can use the native token, $BLUNT, to purchase NFTs. In turn, NFT owners become fractional owners of marijuana businesses all over the world, including farms and dispensaries. With such potent cases in this booming industry, it’s not difficult to see why the forecast on $BLUNT has been and continues to be bullish. 

Solana – A new competitor for Ethereum 

Solana actively competes with Ethereum, so it is a blockchain platform that supports decentralized applications. However, compared to Ethereum, Solana is much faster and has lower transaction fees, so there is a huge potential for this token in the long term. In addition, Solana is known for obtaining institutional interest as well, despite the overall reluctance in this field. 

Bottom Line

The crypto market is now peppered with a plethora of crypto projects. You may want to check out these four crypto coins if you want long-term gains. They are also good options if you want to diversify your crypto portfolio. 

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