TOPGOAL announces partnership with Polyhedra Network

TOPGOAL has announced entering into a partnership with Polyhedra Network. The objective is to elevate the gaming experience in Footballcraft, crafted by TOPGOAL, with interconnected, secure, seamless, and trustless gameplay. Polyhedra has been chosen because it is currently the leader in the industry when it comes to developing infrastructure for Web3 interoperability with ZK proofs.

Polyhedra Network has confirmed the development by sharing the announcement on X, formerly Twitter. Footballcraft is a football world simulator that runs at 12x the speed and is powered by Artificial Intelligence and Web3.

The community on both sides has responded positively to the development. Members have said that TOPGOAL is now becoming more attractive with partnerships like these. Members of Polyhedra Network, on the other side, are now waiting for the team to announce an airdrop under a promotional campaign.

It aligns with the mission to elevate the experience for the players. The previous partnership was with Chiliz to jointly shape the future of Web3 football gaming. What fuels Footballcraft’s world is the presence of immersive technology like AR/VR, NFT, AI, and Fan Tokens. It generates a lot of engagement to bolster the growth of the platform along with the native ecosystem. Fans worldwide are realizing its potential and are hellbent on participating in the Web3-powered game.

TOPGOAL has previously partnered with TaskOn on the occasion of Liverpool versus Arsenal. Participants were tasked with making predictions, making them eligible to claim a share of the prize pool of 250 GOAL tokens. Plus, a mystery box was on the table as a bonus reward. The campaign has ended, but it does make the efforts of TOPGOAL evident in engaging with the community and rewarding them for their participation.

An ongoing campaign that players can look forward to is SecondLive’s Metaverse Merriment. It started on December 18, 2023, and will end on January 4, 2024. Winners will have a chance to claim a share of $3,600 tokens along with NFTs and $BEAN. It has been launched as an Xmas and New Year Campaign.

No matter the title or occasion, Footballcraft is surely going the distance to reward participants for their engagement. Polyhedra Network is working on its developments too. The most recent one is the Bitcoin Messaging Protocol. It has been introduced with zkBridge, which can securely write data to Bitcoin. The integration has mutual benefits and is a two-way kind of integration. Bitcoin will serve as a sender and a receiver.

It gains resilience against malicious nodes in the MPC protocol via integration. Most importantly, the integration helps to add strength to blockchain networks via Bitcoin interoperability solutions.

TOPGOAL and Polyhedra Network joining hands is a way forward for developing Footballcraft. The initial development will make up for the acceleration of gameplay that is seamless, secure, and interconnected. Moving forward, the community can expect both parties to strengthen all the tech involved in the gaming aspect—AI, AR, NFT, etc.

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