Flasko and Big eyes are no longer competent: Tora Inu will possibly take over the market in Q1 2023

Flasko and Big Eyes are seeing a decline in power as a result of their inability to win over the population with hazy plans and directions. Instead, members of the cryptocurrency world are placing their bets on Tora Inu, a project that stands out because of its comprehensive whitepaper and utility-driven strategy.

It Is Difficult to Satisfy New-gen Investors in Cryptocurrency

“Transfer money into the DeFi ecosystem and conserve an essential component of the world’s environment” is the mission of Big Eyes, a meme currency based on cats, to achieve this goal. This will be accomplished via the creation of a community of self-sufficient cats known as Big Eyes and through the use of NFTs.

Both the overall subject and the artwork of the project are quite impressive. In addition to this, it states that it will donate to a charitable organization once the initiative enters the second phase. Despite this, it is unclear if Big Eyes has the necessary components to go to the second phase, which is particularly problematic given the uninspiring plan.

The situation with Flasko is not unique in any way. A fractionalized non-fungible token (NFT) will be used to represent each investment made through the Flasko platform, which will be the world’s first luxury and vintage wine, whiskey, and champagne investment and trading platform. Flasko’s vision is an ambitious one, as it aims to build the platform. But the road map doesn’t go into much detail on how they plan to achieve this objective. Beyond tokenomics and a tiered membership structure, the white paper does not examine any other topics.

Both Flasko and Big Eyes fail to establish their long-term significance in a sector that is already saturated. However, both offer substantial incentives to investors and members who remain loyal to them. Their ideas are not compelling enough to win over the new generation of crypto investors, who are searching for cryptocurrencies with an inherent worth rather than reward tokens that have been around for a long time. That also helps to explain the overwhelmingly positive response to ventures like Tora Inu.

How Is Tora Going to Alter the Game of Meme Coins?

Tora Inu is a blockchain P2E ecosystem that aims to revolutionize the market for meme coins. Its name comes from the Japanese word for dog. Due to the fact that speculative assets have a finite lifespan, Tora Inu is not content to be categorized as a meme currency, in contrast to its predecessors. Its focus on the long term gives it an advantage over the general market.

It can do this by integrating previously separate spectacular crypto movements, such as meme coin, metaverse, P2E, and NFTs, under a single roof. Users are rewarded more for their gaming prowess and engagement in the skill-based P2E game than for the amount of NFTs or crypto tokens they deposit. In this manner, the meme currency makes blockchain gaming more accessible to new players and opens the route for its widespread acceptance. In addition to this, it helps to foster long-term, sustainable development for the platform by cultivating a dedicated user base.

The native coin of Tora Inu is referred to as TORA, and it is presently in the presale stage. Another piece of evidence that the platform is still relevant in today’s market is the lightning-fast presale that occurred despite the overall bear market in cryptocurrencies.

Why are Investors Interested in Tora?

A core play-to-earn game, additional minigames with NFT integrations, lottery minigames, and an NFT marketplace are all part of Tora Inu’s long-term plan, which involves the introduction of a core skill-based P2E game.

On both Twitter and Telegram, Tora Inu has significant support. The tenacious community indicates the platform’s potential for sustained expansion over the long run. A burning process has been implemented by Tora Inu to guarantee that TORA will increase in value over the course of time. Following each and every transaction, a portion of the tokens is removed from circulation as a result of deflationary tokenomics.

Aside from the primary play-to-earn game, members of Tora Inu have access to a variety of other ways to earn from the platform, such as lotteries and minigames. You may make substantial returns by staking $TORA tokens if you are an investor with a long-term perspective.

Final Thoughts

Tora Inu builds its trust by submitting to regular audits, which protect the platform from being hacked and expose any weaknesses it may have. In addition to that, a KYC check was performed by CoinSniper on it. As a result, there is no need for concern over the use of rug pulls or frauds. The current presale of TORA tokens is the most lucrative opportunity to participate in the project. Participants in the pre-sale will also be entered into a drawing for a chance to win $25,000.

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