TOWB Music Launches its New Model for the Royalty Program by Using Blockchain Technology

TOWB Music has announced its big new venture which promises to give a great boost to the Royalty Program System through the implementation of Blockchain Technology. TOWB Music seems to have found the perfect connection between the Digital Music Market and Blockchain Technology. As announced by TOWB Music earlier this year, they are intending to present the new royalty payment framework to music specialists around the world by utilizing Davinci Foundation’s AI-based POS Blockchain Infrastructure.

CEO of TOWB Music, Eric Sim believes that this new venture would usher new possibilities to the worldwide music business like making royalty payments through Blockchain technology. TOWB Music’s services currently include the world’s first visually impaired competition and are programmed to share the algorithm automatically. Additionally, TOWB Music hinted at its own token issuance for royalty payments and different sponsorship rewards which is already raising high expectations in the worldwide digital music market.

Eric Sim, CEO of TOWB Music said,

We found the perfect interface between the digital music market and Blockchain technology. We are very excited that we can suggest an entirely new business model for the overall music business through TOWB Music’s project.

Born out of the intuitive idea of giving unfamiliar music artists a platform, TOWB Music is the innovation of Chanku Sim. This music tech startup was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in the core of Downtown Orlando, Florida. Moreover, TOWB Music is the first “blind Music Competition” based, audio distribution framework, where individuals can find another artist, tune in to the ones they love and all the more significantly connect and share with other music fans around the globe, anytime, anyplace, on the app and the internet.


TOWB Music is now extending its services into South America, Asia, and Europe. Furthermore, TOWB Music is recommending their music performers worldwide a new copyright payment framework based on blockchain technology and designing a successful ICO (Initial coin offering) in collaboration with Davinci Foundation. The Davinci Foundation has a well-established advisory board of blockchain specialists and industry pioneers.

Trushti Patel

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