Toys R Us declares an NFT collection via their Geoffrey the Giraffe NFTs

Toys R Us, which happens to be a very popular toy retailer based out of the US, is extremely pleased and takes an immense amount of pleasure in making their formal announcement of having delivered their Geoffrey the Giraffe NFTs.

They are distinctly aware that this timing has been very accurately planned out, considering the upcoming holidays. However, this, in turn, will help the kids to keep themselves occupied and on their parent’s radar. All this has also been done by forming a merger with Anybodies. Further, this has been effectively positioned on the Solana blockchain.

This prized collection, incidentally, will consist of an amount of 10,000 assets. The entire basis for this was created, keeping in mind the company’s official mascot, which happens to be Geoffrey the Giraffe. According to their plan of action, these assets are delivered in phases. The assorted groups that connect with it will come under separate priority criteria levels.

The company has also firmly decided that a privately organized pre-sale will be on the cards before they execute a public sale. This activity will witness several 500 NFTs sold to the early-comers, coupled with around 1,000 to the present and existing NFT holders of Anybodies. Following this, they will carry out the next phase of their plan and execute the public selling.


However, this will involve several 2,000 assets, which will be for the sake of the overall public, and a further amount of 2,000 assets, in terms of the whitelist members. The pricing has been fixed at an amount of $100 each.

Trevor Holman

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