TradAir: Your One-stop Solution for Foreign Exchange and Crypto Trading Services

There are a number of companies that provide access to foreign exchange (FX) services, but only a few names are there when it comes to providing the FX facility with the facility of crypto trading underpinned by the ecosystem of blockchain. More importantly, it is quite a hard task to find a reputed name in the field of institutional FX and crypto trading services.

TradAir: Leading name in FX and crypto trading

Among the handful of players, the name of TradAir can be considered as the most dependable one in the field of FX and crypto trading solutions. Since its inception in 2010, the company has established new norms of performance while helping investors to aid their wealth creation opportunities. The platform provides a range of services in order to help its clients, such as providing a wide choice on liquidity access, inventing the prices for crypto assets, and trading the cryptocurrencies globally.

What are the USP of TradAir?

One of the distinguishing characteristics of the service provided by TradAir is its end to end solutions. This signifies that its clients will need no intermediary in order to get access to sources of liquidity, cryptocurrency exchanges, custodians, and market makers among others. In other words, it is a single platform using which you can address all your foreign exchange and cryptocurrency trading services.

What makes all these services easy to access is the seamless graphical user interface of TradAir. The interface is compatible with mobile devices and makes it easy to communicate with other users. This is especially significant in the case of cryptocurrency trading, where the results can be broadcasted to a number of clients and venues depending upon the requirement. You can accomplish a host of tasks on the platform ranging from the management of liquidity, creation of the price, and analysis of trading to achieve better results and greater earnings.

Another distinctive advantage associated with TradAir is the modular-nature of its solutions. This modularity makes access to its services extremely convenient. You can choose from a range of options when it comes to using the solution provided by TradAir. Its products/solutions can be used through cloud computing, or you can get it installed on your premises. You can also get the solution installed in any data center in any part of the globe and this has become possible only owing to the modular nature of the solution.

In addition to its core services, TradAir also allows its customers to enjoy the convenience of over-the-counter (OTC) trade settlement services. This has been made possible thanks to the collaboration between Seed CX and TradAir. Both companies signed an agreement of collaboration last year, which added another feather to TradAir’s cap. Just so you know, the OTC facility can be availed for both fiat trades and digital trades.


TradAir is a wonderful platform providing a host of FX and crypto trading services under one roof. The company has grown tremendously since its inception and in order to further spread its wings, it has raised $11 million in Series-D funding last year. This investment, according to TradAir, will be spent in order to further strengthen its network across the globe while exploring new territories on the expansion front. In sum, TradAir’s focus on the customer and sharp eye on delivering better services are the two most important factors that explain the massive success platform enjoy among users.

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