Trader turns $5,300 of EPIK coin into a million dollars in one day – New meme coin with explosive potential

The crypto markets have been expanding rapidly in the past half-year as the number of investors looking for assets with high-gain potential increases worldwide. The enthusiasm for cryptocurrencies is rising due to their high profit potential and decentralized features that completely remove intermediaries from trading. 

Investors are perpetually seeking assets that can rapidly increase their wealth. This story is a testament to that, as a trader turned $5,300 into $1 million in a single day. Additionally, we’ll delve into the potential of the upcoming meme coin Slothana, which is projected to make significant waves in late April 2024.

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Trader earning $1 million in less than a day

The story revolves around a single crypto trader who found the best investment option that helped him earn over $1 million in less than 24 hours. He proved the theory that meme coins can achieve some of the most significant gains in extremely short periods, a feat that can not be achieved by trading any other asset. 

Such significant gains are possible partly due to the extremely low listing price of new assets. Of course, that means the investment is risky, but if it’s successful, early investors can sometimes achieve incredible gains overnight. 

Today’s story focuses on the newly released Solana meme coin EPIK and a trader who turned a $5,300 early investment into $1 million in no time. The platform was released just three days ago, earning a market cap of over $22 million in record time. However, the investor in our story bought over $5,300 worth of EPIK coins by exchanging SOL tokens while the platform was still in a presale. He trusted his gut feeling and decided to buy into the hype, hoping for high returns.


The trader didn’t have to wait long, as EPIK tokens exploded immediately after launch, increasing in value by over 195 times in less than a day. He decided to sell his entire supply of coins less than a day after they went live for a profit of over $1.03 million. Despite losing some momentum, EPIK Prime and its EPIK token are still in a bullish phase, valued over 200 times higher than the initial price. 

Cases like these are becoming a norm in meme coin markets, but things can go the other way. Thousands of investors lose their money by investing in the wrong digital assets, so risk is always involved. 

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Slothana – The next high-gain potential meme to result in explosive growth

Like EPIK Prime, Slothana is a new Solana meme coin showing clear signs of explosive growth. It follows the path paved by recently released SOL-based memes such as Book of Meme (BOME), Dogwifhat (WIF), and now EPIK. All of these platforms saw gains of over 2,000%, and early investors got some of the highest returns in crypto markets of the year. 

While some successful memes went live without presale events, Slothana decided to let users invest early before the initial coin offering (ICO) on DEX listings. The presale event went live less than two weeks ago and has been one of the most successful in the past few months. The event pushed through the $10 million milestone with ease, and investors are still lining up to get a chance to earn the highest returns. 

For comparison, BOME tokens went live a few weeks back and pumped by 300x during the first two days. Slothana is now the focus of most meme coin enthusiasts. If things continue to develop similarly, it will likely become the next digital asset to explode, surpassing BOME’s impressive gains.

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All early investors have equal chances of earning huge returns

Presale events in the past few years were almost exclusively known for increasing the value of tokens as they entered a new phase. These phases were usually based on the amount raised or were time-sensitive, so the price of tokens would increase every seven days. 

Slothana took a different approach, ensuring that all early investors have fair chances of earning the highest returns possible. Instead of increasing the token’s price, the developers decided to go with a fixed price of 1 SOL per 10.000 $SLOTH tokens. Therefore, it doesn’t matter when you invest; you will get the same profit as someone who invested on the first day of the event. The approach worked, allowing the presale to raise over $10 million in less than two weeks, an awe-inspiring feat that reflects the massive potential surrounding the newest Solana meme coin.

$SLOTH releasing on Doge Day, April 20

One reason the Slothana community is growing so quickly is its perfect release date, set for Dogecoin Day on April 20. Dogecoin Day is a holiday for meme coin markets. Most established memes experience gains on Dogecoin Day and a few weeks after, so Slothana’s launch will likely result in a massive price surge that could push the $SLOTH token’s value to extreme highs.

It could be the highest-gaining meme coin of 2024 so far, but it’s expected to result in at least 100x gains during the first few days of launch. $SLOTH tokens are among the best coins you can invest in right now, so don’t miss your chance to join the Slothana community and secure your spot among the earliest investors.

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Final words

The example above shows that a well-placed investment in emerging meme coins can result in the highest gains on any market. However, cryptocurrency presales often result in losses, so investing your money in projects surrounded by a strong community is essential. 

Slothana is the latest meme coin showing signs of explosive growth in the upcoming period. Since it’s still in presale, it’s not too late to invest and secure a more stable future for yourself and your family. Visit the official Slothana website and grab your $SLOTH tokens today to get the highest returns on April 20 and beyond.

Disclaimer: This article is sponsored content and is not financial advice. CryptoNewsZ does not endorse or guarantee the accuracy of the content. Readers should verify information independently and exercise caution when dealing with any mentioned company. Investing in cryptocurrencies is risky, and seeking advice from a qualified professional is recommended.

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