Trading Value of Bitcoin Private Up by 4.5% This Week

As per the records last registered on Feb 4, the trading value of digital currency BTCP or Bitcoin Private has increased by 1.9% versus the USD. The rise in the number was noted through the timeline of the last 24-hours that ended on 4th of February, 20:00 PM ET.

That means you will be able to buy a single coin of Bitcoin Private at 0.00025339 BTC or 0.88 dollars on a majority of crypto trade exchanges such as Nanex, Trade Satoshi, Altcoin Trader, and TOPBTC. The digital currency stands tall in the market with $18.00 million of market capitalization. Interestingly enough, the previous day recorded trade exchanges for BTCP worth $29,906.00. If we take into account the entire past week, BTCP has traded 4.5% higher against the US dollar.

Let’s have a look at the performance of other cryptos through the past day:

  • ZEC or Zcash currently stands at 0.01403332 BTC or $48.57, recording a high of 0.3 percent versus the USD
  • BTG or Bitcoin Gold currently stands at 0.00284663 BTC or $9.85, recording a high of 0.1 percent versus the USD
  • ZEN or Horizon currently stands at 0.00114625 BTC or $3.97, recording a low of 1.4 percent versus the USD
  • ZCL or ZClassic currently stands at 0.00021993 BTC or $0.76, recording a low of 0.5 percent versus the USD
  • CRYP or CrypticCoin currently stands at 0.00000046 BTC or $0.0016, recording a high of 0.8 percent versus the USD
  • BCI or Bitcoin Interest currently stands at 0.00005849 BTC or $0.20, recording a high of 2.2 percent versus the USD
  • BTCZ or BitcoinZ currently stands at 0.00000005 BTC or $0.0002, recording a high of 0.3 percent versus the USD
  • ZER or Zero Interest currently stands at 0.00002424 BTC or $0.0839, recording a high of 38.1 percent versus the USD
  • HUSH or Hush currently stands at 0.00000900 BTC or $0.0311, recording a high of 9 percent versus the USD
  • BTG or Bitgem currently stands at 0.00034116 BTC or $2.79, trading flat versus the USD

For those who came in late, the cryptocurrency of Bitcoin Private is a PoW or proof-of-work coin introduced last year on January 1st, and it utilizes the algorithm of Equihash hashing. The digital currency registers a gross supply of 20,524,490 coins. For more detailed information about Bitcoin Private, visit While it also has an online presence on Github, Facebook, and Twitter, one can join its independent community on Reddit as well for updates and discussions.

In order to trade the BTCP, one can utilize the crypto exchange platforms of Trade Satoshi, Altcoin Trader, HitBTC, Exrates, TOPBTC, Sistemkoin, Nanex, and TradeOgre. As currently, it is not possible to buy or sell BTCP directly through USD, people need to first purchase Bitcoin or Ethereum with exchanges that allow dealings through USD – for instance, Changelly, GDAX, or Gemini. After acquiring Bitcoin or Ethereum, the investors can proceed to buy Bitcoin Private.

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