Crypto/fiat onramp aggregator Transak announced on Tuesday that it has integrated with leading decentralized oracle network Chainlink, making its onramp aggregator solutions available to smart contracts. Chainlink confirmed this via a tweet stating that developers can now use Chainlink oracles to interact with Transak APIs for off-chain payments.

In the Medium post, Transak stated that Chainlink nodes can bi-directionally connect with dApps directly using its external adapter technology. This will allow these decentralized applications to engage in buying and selling of crypto using fiat gateways. Transak CEO and Co-founder, Sami Start said,

As per the blogpost, Transak API currently supports more than 200 cryptocurrencies and fiat payments in 10 fiat currencies, in at least 28 countries. Chainlink, on the other hand, offers oracles to giants like Google, Oracle, SWIFT, Polkadots, etc.