Transak joins hands with VeChian

Transak joins hands with VeChain, through which Transak’s NFT checkout service will be merged with VeChain’s marker as a service (MaaS) base. It will help create endless options for accepting and utilising blockchain technology. Incidentally, Transak is a top fiat-to-crypto payment platform, whereas VeChain is a blockchain base that offers chain control and asset digitization. 

The merging of NFT checkout with the MaaS platform will provide users with the option of buying NFTS with fiat currency, the initial amount being $0.01. This will help more users venturing within the NFT space and companies to tokenize their assets and connect with users globally. 

Gresini Racing is expected to be the initial company to use this tie-up. The company is known for its racing team and has introduced its marketplace on the VeChain platform. Through the checkout service of Transak, it will be possible for enthusiasts to buy specialized NFTs from Gresini Racing using their choice of currency.  

The collaboration brings to the forefront the significance of easing blockchain instruments to propel acceptance targeting users and enterprises. 

It was a short while ago that VeChain introduced MaaS, which is a no-code NFT marketplace base that serves digital as well as real-world items. This paves the way for tokenizing physical assets and offering an easy way for users to get acquainted with the intrinsic factors related to blockchains. 

In the opinion of the Head of Growth at Transak, Alessandro Raboni, the tie-up stands for a tremendous way forward regarding Web3 inventiveness, linking the motorsports space with the internet economy. Through the NFT checkout service, enthusiasts will have the option of buying NFTs and connecting the teams and clubs of their fancy. 

The tie-up brings the idea of phygitals to the sports and racing arena. This links real-world assets with digital functions via NFC technology. 

According to the Product manager at VeChain Foundation, Ben Moran, this collaboration will see Gresini Racing connecting with them, with many others to follow. 

The prime factor related to the collaboration is the opening of doors to greater availability of blockchain technology to all who need it.

Trevor Holman

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