Transfesa Logistics to Pilot Test Blockchain for Vehicle Traceability in Santander Port

Transfesa Logistics, the railway logistics operator, has announced the adoption of digital solutions for the controlling and management of vehicles in the port of Santander. The project will be turned into reality via its Logistics Competence Center, which is located in Madrid.

According to the official reports, the logistics operator firm will be employing the expertise of the Internet of Things for real-time supervision of goods along with the brilliance of blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence to strengthen the logistics processes of the clients. The new project aims to put a check control on the times and movements of the port vehicles so that there exists a traceability mechanism for each vehicle.

A great challenge we are facing is to integrate intermodal road, rail and maritime transport in the same chain,

said Jorge González, corporate director of Transfesa Logistics. “We use the Anubis platform and an RFID system for traffic control,” added the spearhead while talking about the various innovation projects which are under process together with Puertos del Estado for the efficient management of railway terminals.

The RFID system works through a small device that keeps the record of all the crucial information about the vehicles at the port. There is also the implementation of a blockchain solution as a part of the project, which maintains the record of the registered events immutably.

Jorge also shared information about a pilot project which is being channelized in the port of Gijón. The operation will be wrapped up by the end of 2019 and will become operational in 2020. The 60,000 euros worth project includes a voice recognition bot studded with the merits of artificial intelligence.

We are launching a new project for 2020-2023 to develop a transport chain management system that applies IoT, blockchain, as well as complete big data analytics,

quoted Jorge. With an investment of nearly 8 million euros, the company will take support from the Polytechnic University of Madrid and the financing from the Center of Technology and Innovation (CTIN) for the successful execution of the project. He stated that though the project is risky, it will place them as the leaders in the industry.

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