Transition from classic games to exotic crypto-decentralized games

Gaming has been at the heart of a large number of enthusiasts since the inception of the gaming industry. The fact that it has started integrating innovative technology like blockchain and cryptocurrency is only making things work well for it. Crypto-based games are rising in popularity for one reason: they mitigate currency conversion. Players only have to deposit once, and then they can seamlessly explore the gaming options via a native token.

Crypto games have moved a step forward by introducing exotic titles. The article will specifically shed light on those variations, helping to understand the transition from classic to exotic gaming.

Variations of classic to exotic games using crypto

The idea is to analyze what kind of modern twist has been given to classic games and what kind of exotic crypto-gaming adventures players can look forward to.

Modern twists on classic games

When one talks about crypto gaming, one ideally refers to a single part of blockchain-based games. There are two more parts, namely NFT and decentralization. The focus for now is on crypto games. The fundamental principle is that users must deposit their respective currency for a digital asset—cryptocurrency. Or, they can directly link their digital wallets and start depositing cryptocurrencies on the platform.

Blockchain has helped to introduce such a feature that it helps players worldwide engage with the content, irrespective of their geographical location. Some more features that blockchain-based gaming has brought are:

  • Fast withdrawals; however, they may depend on the network congestion at the time of request.
  • Provable fairness makes it worthwhile for players to verify that the game is fair.
  • Anonymity allows players to hide their identities on the internet. The gaming world connects strangers, which can lead to several negative consequences.

Crypto revolution: Transforming casino gaming

The crypto industry has revolutionized the world of casino games, transforming the way people play and pay, whether they’re at a physical casino or accessing games on their mobile devices. It’s no surprise that this sector continues to thrive, drawing players in effortlessly.

Cryptocurrency has introduced a whole new dimension to the gaming experience, especially when it comes to payment methods. Now, players can engage in a wide range of exciting games, including slots, table games, blackjack, poker, video poker, and roulette, all with the convenience of cryptocurrency transactions.

One particularly intriguing development is the growing popularity of blackjack in the crypto-gaming realm. This classic card game has seen a resurgence, offering players various exciting variations to explore. From single-deck blackjack to double-deck blackjack, European blackjack to Zappit blackjack, the options are endless, providing players with diverse and engaging experiences.

What’s even more remarkable is that players from all corners of the globe can now participate and share the same virtual tables, adding a global twist to the crypto blackjack scene which is one of the most popular games. Many gaming platforms prioritize delivering the best video and user experience, ensuring that players can enjoy their favorite games with ease and convenience. It’s an exciting time for the intersection of cryptocurrency and casino gaming, promising endless entertainment for players worldwide.

Exotic crypto gaming adventures

Exotic crypto gaming brings unique features to the board. For instance, a Deposit Bonus enables new customers to claim almost double what they have deposited. Generally, the bonus is restricted to the deposit of cryptocurrency. Meaning fiat deposits may not fetch attractive bonuses.

Other unique features include:

  • Seamless gaming experience: A single deposit qualifies for all the titles that are available on a platform. Players do not have to deposit again for another title. They can keep playing until their wallet has a sufficient balance.
  • Easy reward: The welcome bonus is a perfect example. Players are often asked to deposit 1.5 BTC to claim double the bonus. Alternatively, they may earn free spins.
  • A sense of ownership: With NFT in play, everyone owns a part of the gaming world that can be sold or traded later as a digital property. This could be an avatar, weapon, or land.

Role of NFTs in crypto gaming

Non-fungible tokens have been integrated into the gaming world primarily to give players a sense of ownership. They can now own a piece of land, an avatar, or a weapon. That will be unique to them and exchangeable only for a certain fee that is agreed upon between two different players. NFTs can be earned by completing quests or by defeating the enemy in a battle.

NFTs have come a long way in the gaming world. They can be upgraded, redesigned, and leveled up. If a player has a weapon that can shoot, for instance, one enemy at a time, then they can upgrade it to multiple shots. Some examples of NFT games include Alpha League Racing, Cryptokitties, Nifty Wizards, Clash of Streamers, etc.

One can assume that they have increased players’ interest in games for all the right reasons.

Gamifying DeFi platforms

DeFi, an acronym for decentralized finance, has incorporated gaming elements. Their objective is to attract liquidity to the platform and reward LPs for their efforts. It is similar to making a deposit and engaging with the content. Except that the deposit is primarily tagged as a contribution to the pool, out of which rewards are distributed equally to the community.

Simply termed Yield farming, platforms encourage players to participate and engage with the content as much as possible. Rewards may or may not be separate from bonuses, per the terms and conditions of the DeFi platform.


What began with classic titles bringing large numbers of people to physical venues has now transitioned to the digital sphere. The blockchain-based mechanism enables platforms to integrate cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and decentralization.

The crypto gaming sphere is driven by innovation and diversity, making it best for everyone to explore the segment for a better experience. Blockchain and cryptocurrency are shaping the future of the gaming world. They are expected to do the same for nearly the next decade.

Mark Peterson

Mark Peterson has been following the crypto market for the past seven years. As a crypto news journalist, he has recently joined our team. He regularly delivers the most recent happenings of the crypto space. He enjoys writing poems and exploring various crypto trading platforms in his spare time.

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