Triall Integrates With Ferrum to Bring Staking to Its Ecosystem

Triall is a medical research solution service enabled with blockchain integration that works on Web 3.0. Triall works to improve clinical trial efficiency by making data resistant to tampering and securely links different isolated parties involved in the trial. Triall’s main objective is to streamline and improve the efficiency of worldwide vaccine dissemination and implementation of therapies. 

Triall is now about to launch its own $TRL tokens in September.  It has now announced an integration with the Ferrum Network right before the launch. Ferrum is a blockchain-as-service firm that provides token utility and advisory consultancy to cryptocurrency-based services. 

But the reason behind Triall’s integration with Ferrum is to use Ferrum’s staking services for its $TRL pre-sale service. 

Ferrum’s main aim is to push for the large-scale adoption of cryptocurrency and crypto-based solutions. They have been able to successfully lead the adoption of different technologies like anti-bot, blockchain solutions, staking of digital tokens, and cross-chain token bridges. 

Ferrum rewards long-term token investors to create instant token utility and protects tokens from price volatility. Triall will also work with the Ferrum Network to develop a new reward program for staking on the Triall ecosystem. This reward program will be implemented on the day of the $TRL launch. 

Raymond van der Waal, the co-founder of Triall, has said that he believes Ferrum Network will be able to provide Triall with very valuable technology solutions. Waal envisions that Ferrum will provide extra utility for its new $TRL token holders. 

Triall is gearing up for its token launch. The partnership with Ferrum is expected to create even more buzz around the $TRL launch scheduled in September. Investors are also looking at Triall with great anticipation to predict the future of the $TRL token.

Roxanne Williams

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