Tridog announces The DOGE Documentary to celebrate 2 decades of DOGE

DOGE completes 20 years in space. Celebrations come not just in the most dramatic manner but literally under the spotlight of a documentary. Tridog, one of the documentary’s producers, has announced that it is working on the project. The aim is to showcase the inspiring journey of how a simple photograph changed the world forever. This includes the cryptographic space as well.

The tentative title of the documentary is “The DOGE Documentary.” It will be the first documentary ever made in this segment when it’s completed. The production is in the works, with a sneak peek already out to briefly introduce the project. It features Kabosumama along with Atsuko. The documentary was shot in Japan and the US, covering interviews with various personalities, namely Kabosumama, Atsuko Sato, and John Monarch, the person who first created the DOGE meme.

Many more faces are expected to appear in the title. The comment sections have been kept open by Tridog, inviting the community to suggest who they should interview for the dramatic documentary.

Her growth will also be shown in the form of evolution to highlight how well she has transformed over the years. From being a dog to becoming a blog influencer, Kabosumama has come a long way to become the most notable personality on Reddit.

Co-produced by New Revolution Media and Jon Lynn, the documentary seeks the support of the community to continue developing in the days to come. PleasrDAO has funded it and Own the DOGE community. Keeping themselves open to suggestions and ideas is a plan that aligns with their goal of involving the community as a whole.

Members can suggest the names of personalities that should appear in the documentary. The 2+ minute clip released as a sneak peek shows Elon Musk in an interview, but chances are low that he will appear in the documentary. Assuming he does make an appearance, the way he has surprised audiences in movies, it would be pretty interesting to see what he talks about in front of the camera.

The community can also get involved with the documentary by telling their own stories and making suggestions for the title of the feature film. 

Simultaneously, Tridog has announced hosting a meme competition wherein the winner can take home a DOGE Pixel worth approximately $50 in value along with 420 $DOG. The meme competition is live till April 20, 2023, with submissions accepted only at the official link.

This has sparked excitement among the community, with members saying that the announcement has made them smile, especially when they saw Kabosumama open her eyes in the 2-minute video.

Dogecoin is currently changing hands at $0.085. There are questions about whether the token will ever surpass, or even reach, the mark of $1. The future of Dogecoin is not necessarily in doubt, but holders are definitely looking forward to seeing a tremendous increase in their portfolios.

According to price predictions, the token could dance around $0.71 by the end of 2030. This is subject to several factors, with the potential to even reach double the amount of the estimate. Until then, look forward to the DOGE Documentary, which comes out soon.

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