Tron 7 Hours Price Analysis: Four Major Variations in 7 Hours

Range is not Exceeding 2.5%

  • Tron coin remains stable; no significant change in the price.
  • The degrees of variations are in the range of 1% to 2.5%.
  • Closing Price to remain around $0.0321.

TRX has been down by a few points in the last 24 hours. It is most likely to revive in the near future. Yesterday, the intraday market showed huge variations giving multiple profit avenues for short-term traders or speculators. Tron (TRX) is one of the major cryptocurrencies which have huge potential to perform exceptionally in the market; that is the reason many investors are getting attracted to this coin. Keeping a strict overview of the market always comes handy when you think of investing for a short-term period. Let us analyze the coin in details.

tron price chart
TRX/USD 7 Hour Chart

Tron Coln Statistics-

  • The ROI (Return on Investment) stands at 1,470.10%
  • A total of 66,682,072,191 TRX coins are in current circulation.
  • The market cap as on 14th June at 21:56:52 UTC stands at 2,147,592,980 USD.
  • The value of each coin stands at 0.03194458 USD.
  • The 24h volume stands at 771,170,954 USD.

TRX Coin Comparison-

Tron coin was being traded at a moderate price at 01:38 UTC when the coin got a sudden surge of 1.25% in just 1 hour. It was probably not backed by any strong fundamental as it again fell down by 1.18% in the next 1 hour 21 minutes. Then the major fall can be noticed by 04:59 UTC, and the coin lost 2.35 of its value over almost 3 hours constantly. Then the last push was given at around 07:53 UTC, and the coin gained 1.85% to reach its current value. These four variations are the most important ones in the last 7 hours. The degree of change has been in the range of 1% to 2.5%.

Tron Price Prediction-

Though there have been 4 major cases of price variations, it is not expected that the coin will have a huge difference in the value at the time of closing. We predict the value is likely to remain around 0.0321 USD.


By today’s end, another 3 to 4 variations are expected. According to our TRON price prediction, short-term investors may yield as much as 3% to 4% yield in the next few hours until closing.

Mehak Punjabi

Mehak Punjabi is a post graduate in MBA with specialization in Finance and has joined CryptonewsZ with a skill building view in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain. She is dynamic and a quick learner with a hold on financial analysis.

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