TRON achieves significant milestones in Web3

TRON is currently the second-highest blockchain in terms of Total Value Locked (TVL). It has achieved this feat along with others, like averaging 5 million transactions every day for a total of 6.5 billion transactions to date. If anything, this reflects inventors’ trust and confidence in the blockchain’s robust infrastructure. Another significant milestone that TRON has achieved is the deployment of 2.9 million smart contracts.

TRON continues to be at the forefront of innovation by partnering with Google Cloud’s BigQuery. The goal is to reveal data insights, examine token flows, examine on-chain transaction histories, and increase blockchain data accessibility. Recently, TRON added USDT to its network. This was revealed when Justin Sun informed the community that there was now 1 billion USDT on the network. This represents a stablecoin worth $1 billion. TRON is currently in the midst of establishing its utility and adoption standards.

The number of accounts has peaked at 190 million, with numbers constantly growing every day. At the time the media community reported the number, the total number of accounts had reached 190,618,336. Meaning, it could have increased by the time of publishing this article.

Innovation and the notion of a global decentralized web are the driving forces behind it all. It took less than one month for the numbers to reach that point, from 186,328,995. This does instill a sense of confidence among investors and the community of holders. This is evident from the fact that TRON is currently priced at $0.089, an increase of 0.60% in the last 24 hours. TRON crypto price prediction estimates that the token may even reach closer to the mark of $1 by the end of this year. Assuming TRON signs that trajectory, it will be on track to surpass that mark pretty soon than expected.

Moreover, TRON has introduced TronWeb, which is the gateway to a seamless development experience inspired by the Web3 phenomenon of Ethereum. It empowers integrating decentralized applications in browsers, among other essential elements.

TRON is now credited with being a partner of ChainGPT, joining forces to fuel Web3, backed by the integration of artificial intelligence (AI). TRON and ChainGPT joining hands in the partnership reflects positively on the way in which they are attempting to make the flexibility and accessibility of AI available.

TRON DAO has called that partnership a game-changer for its native community. TRON has confirmed its commitment to decentralization and innovation by stating that it will shape the future as more projects join the platform and existing projects attain maturity from their inception.

All of it does signal a question: how well is TRON positioned to perform in the future based on the number of accounts (which is over 190 million) and TVL?

By the looks of it, it is safe to assume that the projection for the medium- to long-term outlook of TRX (TRON Blockchain) is optimistic. While it has strengthened the confidence in the minds of investors, it has also demonstrated that higher numbers can be achieved when it comes to average daily transactions and the number of accounts. DeFiLama has revealed that TRON is now the single largest chain for USDT. This has come at a time when the TVL is $6,715 million for a positive trajectory.

The price of TRON is more or less stable. One of the lowest points for the token was $0.085 in the last 5 days. This happened on October 15, 2023. Now, comparing that to the last 30 days, one can safely assume that the price has not remained untouched by the mark of $0.08. If anything, the current price has only jumped by 5.90% in the last 30 days or one month.

Therefore, two variables can be derived from this trend. One, TRON’s trading value is likely to remain unrivaled. Two, the number of daily average transactions plus TVL will continue to rise.

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