Tron and Binance Announce Donation of $100,000 in Cryptocurrency to Maltese Charity

Two Crypto giants Binance and Tron have pledged a significant amount to charity. As we know, Binance is the largest crypto exchange platform, wherein Tron is a blockchain related operating system.

Recently, Justin Sun, the founder and CEO of Tron Foundation tweeted to declare that Binance and Tron will be donating $100,000 in cryptocurrency to the charity. With the intention of making a social change, he announced that Tron has partnered with Binance Charity Fund [BCF] and Malta. The tweet states, “#TRON has always believed blockchain has enormous potential for social good. As a technology leader, our partnership with BCF and Malta is one of many ways of accomplishing change for the better. We support the Malta Community Chest Fund! #TRX $TRX”.

Currently, the world is concerned about transparency especially in sectors like healthcare, banking, and governance. To bring transparency, Blockchain technology could certainly contribute, especially when it comes to charity. In another tweet, Justin Sun noted Binance CEO, CZ’s post about helping the needy people through charity, and marking that blockchain technology could help the concerns of transparency.

Blockchain technology has been emerging slowly and steadily and has become quite a point of attention. Though, it still consists of a dilemma when it comes to investing.

Here, BCF was founded by Binance on December 19 this year in order to assist all the charity channels to accept donations from interested people. The collaboration of Tron and Binance are focussed on helping Maltese national charity, Malta Community Chest Fund [MCCF] to enhance their living situations and resort major ailing problems.

Justin Sun also hinted to Maltese President’s views in a Tweet that states, “President of Malta, @presidentMT said that the BCF donation platform is a perfect opportunity for blockchain and crypto companies globally to reflect and express their sound corporate social responsibility values.”

Notably, Binance has included XRP token as the base pair on its trading platform, while Tron has attained a new achievement as it has obtained user base of one million in six months since the launch. It seeks to become the go-to ecosystem for developers wanting to create decentralized applications (DApps).

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