TRON (TRX) and Cardano (ADA) investors bet on Fezoo (FEZ) for its promising exchange platform potential

The bull market recently underwent a deeper correction that left many investors revising their strategies. Experienced TRON (TRX) and Cardano (ADA) holders maintain that buying Fezoo (FEZ) in presale is a no-brainer because it is a strong new cryptocurrency of 2024. TRON has seen increased daily user activity, while Cardano has experienced a surge in smart contract development.

Should Cardano and TRON holders start investing in Fezoo (FEZ)?

TRON (TRX) Leads Daily User Activity

While Solana has been making headlines courtesy of meme coins, the TRON blockchain has surged ahead in terms of daily user activity. This increase in user activity is fueled by TRON’s reputation for low fees and rapid transaction speeds. TRON can handle high network traffic without succumbing to the high gas fees associated with platforms like Ethereum.

Despite this surge in activity, the TRX price has plateaued since hitting a peak of $0.145 in February. This divergence prompts the question: Can TRON’s current on-chain momentum propel its price to new heights this summer? 

Coin98 Analytics recently revealed that TRON has the highest number of daily users, totaling 1.8 million. This puts TRX ahead of blockchains such as SOL and ADA. Over the past week, TRON lost 5.23% of its value after decreasing from $0.1253 on March 17th to $0.1189 on March 24th. 

Cardano (ADA): Smart Contract is on the Rise

Amidst a broader crypto market downturn, ADA has something to smile about. Cardano, a peer-reviewed blockchain, has experienced a surge in smart contract development. This a great milestone as it shows that developers see the value Cardano offers. Since the year’s onset, the number of Plutus scripts on the Cardano network, encompassing both Plutus V1 and V2, has surged by an impressive 178.45%.

However, investors want to know if the surge in smart contract development can translate to price increases. Cardano is up nearly 9% in the past month after its price increased from $0.5994 on February 23rd to $0.6322 on March 24th.

Fezoo (FEZ): A New Cryptocurrency with Unlimited Potential

Fezoo will be a cutting-edge decentralized exchange poised to revolutionize crypto trading with its unrivaled transparency, control, and security features. In an industry where traditional exchanges have often fallen prey to exploits and rug pulls FEZ shines from the competition due to military-grade security and trustworthiness.

Fezoo will be a true DeFi platform without KYC requirements. On the tokenomics side, the new cryptocurrency has proven to be a cut above the rest, and it will lock team tokens for 16 months. This has made a hit with investors who are buying the Fezoo for just $0.013 in the presale.

Find out more about the Fezoo (FEZ) presale by visiting the website here.

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